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It's all in your head...

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Character Actor
Dr. Vernon Renquist Malcolm McDowell
Racquel Chambers Kim Cattrall
Dr. Ian Lazarre John Savage
Orderly #2 Ron Byron
Orderly #5 Christopher Caines
Wendy/Teresa Lazarre Candice Daly
Policeman #1 David DeLuise
Rose Shannon Dunn
Jonas Kellar Denis Forest
Mrs. Gloria Smith Jean Speegle Howard
Judge Bloom Rance Howard
Orderly #3 Prince Hughes
James Sam J. Jones
Waitress Collette Lawson
Helene Smith Sharon Mendel
Policeman #2 Jim Menza 
Trucker R.A. Mihailoff
Orderly #4 James M. Morgan
Lisa Danielle Nicolet
Stan Horowitz Barry Lee Pearl
Joe McNamara Eric Pierpoint 
Prisoner Timothy Patrick Quill
Marty the Bartender Paul Sarnoff 
Dr. Tobias Sandi Schultz 
Orderly #1 Andrew Schuth
 Prison Guard Scott Spiegel 
Anna Claudia Stedelin
Van Ness David St. James

Directed by William H. Molina
Written by Ted Perkins


Released 8/10/04, full frame, no extras.
Dolby Digital Sound AC-3 Stereo, Interactive Menus, Remastered, Chapter Stops, Region 0
Blue Laser Films 6007, Silverline Pictures, UPC 8-2725-06007-2-5





DVD Cover - Front

DVD Cover - Back


"After Hours"
Written by David & Eric Wurst (BMI)

Written by David & Eric Wurst (BMI)

"Bossa Bossa"
Written by David & Eric Wurst (BMI)

"Divertimento No. 1 in D/Andante"
Written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Courtesy of Creative Support Services (BMI)

"The Great Mass in C Minor, KV 427
Written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performed by The Berlin Rundfunk Orchestra
Courtesy of Berlin Classics / Edel America Records, Inc.

Synopsis - Official

After the tragic death of his first wife and the failure of his second marriage, Dr. Ian Lazarre (John Savage) turns to alcohol. Placed under the care of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Vernon Renquist (Malcolm McDowell), and his radical experimental rehabilitation program, Ian begins to lose touch with the separation between reality to dream. He is never sure whether the things he sees are a result of his own mania or part of an evil scheme by Dr. Renquist and his staff. Only "nurse" Racquel Chambers (Kim Cattrall from Sex In The City) seems to have an concern at all about Ian...or is she playing a part in some plot as well?

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