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Character Actor
Max Gunter Malcolm McDowell
Denise Kreisler Faye Dunaway
Dr. Kreisler Oskar Werner
Lillian Rosen Lee Grant
Carl Rosen Sam Wanamaker
Anna Rosen Lynne Frederick
Joseph Joseph David de Keyser
Julia Strauss Della McDermott
Sarah Strauss Genevieve West
Professor Weiler Luther Adler 
Rebecca Weiler Wendy Hiller
Alice Fienchild Julie Harris
Mr. Hauser Nehemiah Persoff
Mrs. Hauser Maria Schell 
Aaron Pozner Paul Koslo
Joseph Manasse Jonathan Pryce
Laurence Schulman Brian Gilbert
Lottie Schulman Georgina Hale
Mrs. Schulman Adele Strong
Rabbi Milo Sperber
Captain Schroeder Max von Sydow
Otto Schiendick Helmut Griem
Purser Mueller Keith Barron
Seaman Berg Anthony Higgins
Radio Officer Ian Cullen
Dr. Glauner Donald Houston
First Officer David Daker
Constantin de Goguel Navigation Officer
Engineering Officer Tom Laughlin
  Don Henderson
Singer Ina Skriver
Estedes Orson Welles
Estedes Friend Laura Gemser
Remos James Mason
Mira Hauser Katharine Ross
Dr. Erich Strauss Victor Spinetti 
Luis Clasing Michael Constantine
Manuel Benitez José Ferrer
Morris Troper Ben Gazzara 
President Bru Fernando Rey
Milton Goldsmith Bernard Hepton
Robert Hoffman Günter Meisner 
Madame in Bordello Marika Rivera
German Ambassador Carl Duering
Leni Strauss Janet Suzman
Werner Mannheim Frederick Jaeger
Admiral Canaris Denholm Elliott 
Commander Udo von Bonin Leonard Rossiter
Secretary Philip Stone

Directed by Stuart Rosenberg
Written by David Butler & Steve Shagan from the novel by Gordon Thomas


Hilscher, Hermann tell Holocaust tale
Project tells story of refugees sailing to Cuba
By Ed Meza | Variety 2/8/08
    Writer Torsten Hilscher and Berlin's Herrmann Film are developing a film project based on the real-life story of the German trans-Atlantic liner St. Louis, which set off in 1939 on a fateful voyage from Hamburg to Havana, Cuba, with nearly 1,000 Jewish refugees looking to escape Germany's fascist regime. The Cuban government rejected the refugees' plea for asylum, however, and the ship then traveled to Florida, where it was also refused entry on orders of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was facing re-election the following year. As a result, the St. Louis was forced to return to Europe, where many of the passengers ultimately perished in the Holocaust or lost their lives in the war. Hilscher holds the rights to the story of St. Louis survivor Michael Fink, who was 4 years old at the time of the voyage. Pic would tell the story largely through his eyes and examine the period following the ship's return to Europe. Fink and his family spent the war interred in the Theresienstadt concentration camp in what is now the Czech Republic before being liberated by the Red Army. Fink, who later changed his surname to Barak, has lived in Israel since 1946. Hilscher and Herrmann Film, who are aiming to make both a theatrical version and a two-part mini for television, are looking to co-produce with U.S. and Israeli partners. The tale of the St. Louis made it to the bigscreen in 1976 in Stuart Rosenberg's "Voyage of the Damned," which boasted an all-star cast that included Faye Dunaway, Malcolm McDowell and Orson Welles. Hilscher, who has been researching the story for nearly a decade, said a wealth of information regarding the voyage has come to light in recent years, including the tales of many of the survivors that had not before been available. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum recently completed a 10-year research project to uncover the fates of the St. Louis passengers.

Foreign Titles

Italy - Il Viaggio dei Dannati


The original 1980 Magenta Video release on 2 VHS tapes was 181 minutes
The DVD is 137 minutes, is out of print and has zero extras on it.



VHS Front - 181 minute version
Malcolm's screen credit

Summary - Official

While the whole world watched and waited, 937 German Jewish refugees embarked on a strange and terrifying journey from Nazi oppression. Based on an actual event, the voyage, destined for Cuba, becomes a propaganda exercise which serves as a cover for vital intelligence information. The story details the captain's attempts to free his passengers when forbidden to disembark at Havana's harbor. The passengers, desperate at the possibility of returning to Hamburg, attempt mutiny which is thwarted when "the ship that shamed the word" finally sails to freedom.  

Together Again

1979 - Malcolm & James Mason were in The Passage.
1982 - Malcolm & Leonard Rossiter were in Britannia Hospital.

Together Before

1971 - Malcolm, Carl Duering & Philip Stone were in A Clockwork Orange.

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