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Featuring 5 cast members from Halloween 2007.

Character Actor
Dr. Sam Loomis Malcolm McDowell
Laurie Strode Scout Taylor-Compton
Annie Brackett Danielle Harris
Lynda van der Klok Kristina Klebe
Cynthia Strode Dee Wallace Stone



Malcolm, Tommi & her My Droogy Pony

Press Release


Michael Myers sliced through record Labor Day Weekend earnings to top the box office. We're celebrating this boon for horror cinema by welcoming cult idol Malcolm McDowell as an honored guest this February! But he's not alone. Joining Dr. Loomis will be fellow Halloween sensations Scout Taylor Compton, Dee Wallace Stone, plus- by popular demand - Danielle Harris and Kristina Klebe! We're also throwing open TFW's online ticketing, which includes the oh-so coveted Celebrity Party Pass only available to the first 250 Early Weekend passholders! More guest announcements soon ... The Dead Will Rise!

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