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Role Person
Host Malcolm McDowell
   Alex Mastrovito
  Arryck Adams
  Bob Decker
  Brittany Schaver
  David Newcomer
  Deidre Parmenter
  Elaine Fleisher
  James Wortman
  Jeff Schaver
  Jim Barker
  Jim Diderrich
  Linda Schaver
  Linda M. Stiegler
  Lloyd Allen
  Mark Andrew Reyes
  Michael Voll
  Nicholas Viecco
  Penny Puente
  Ray Mastrovito
  Ronda Voll
  Shawn W. Lanz
  Vanessa Orr
  Todd Thayer

Co-directors James Wortman & Linda Stiegler
Written by James Wortman



Actor Malcolm McDowell hosts Every Now and Then Theatre's three time international award winning radio production of "Sleepy Hollow- The Lost Diaries," on TOTV channel 10, Saturday October 31st 2009 at 9am, 4pm and 10pm. Originally broadcast in 2007, Time-Warner's production staff assembled appropriate visuals to go along with the hour long drama about schoolmaster Ichabod Crane's infamous Halloween encounter with a headless horseman.
    "Our story begins from the viewpoint of a present day researcher discovering villagers' diaries, purporting to tell the real story," said theatre troupe founder James Wortman of Ventura. "We hear the villagers begin their diary entries, then find ourselves among them. The drama features a countywide cast of top local actors that were challenged to perform with only one rehearsal," said co-director Linda Stiegler of Thousand Oaks. "As host, Malcolm McDowell introduces the show, reveals the cast, and at the breaks, relates historical background about Halloween, the real Sleepy Hollow, and writer Washington Irving."
    The cast showcases Alex Mastrovito from Camarillo, Arryck Adams from Newbury Park, Bob Decker from Camarillo, Brittany Schaver from Newbury Park, David Newcomer from Simi Valley, Deidre Parmenter from Newbury Park, Elaine Fleisher from Camarillo, James Wortman from Ventura, Jeff Schaver from Newbury Park, Jim Barker from Ventura, Jim Diderrich from Simi Valley, Linda Schaver from Newbury Park, Linda M. Stiegler from Thousand Oaks, Lloyd Allen, Mark Andrew Reyes from Newbury Park, Michael Voll from Thousand Oaks, Nicholas Viecco from Simi Valley, Penny Puente from Thousand Oaks, Ray Mastrovito from Camarillo, Ronda Voll from Thousand Oaks, Shawn W. Lanz from Newbury Park, Vanessa Orr from Thousand Oaks, and Todd Thayer from Ventura. Music enhancements were by Michael Masely. Sound effects were created live and in studio. Sound Designers were Jim Barker, Tom Mueller and Wortman. Co-directors were Wortman and Stiegler. Script was by Wortman.
    "Sleepy Hollow- The Lost Diaries" radio drama was made possible by resource donations from New Era Debt Solutions in Camarillo for script printing, Stage 6 Productions in Moorpark for onsite engineering, Bill's Bar in Camarillo for performance space, Barkerductions for equipment, and NewsTalk 1520 KVTA radio for air time. Every Now and Then Theatre, celebrating their 20th year, currently counts 22 awards-19 international and three national-since first entering radio drama competitions in 2003. The troupe maintains web pages hosted at the site for Ventura County theatre groups at www.barkerductions.com.


    The Every Now and Then Theatre of Ventura CA has won a 2007 International OMNI Intermedia Award in the category of Radio Entertainment for their 17th annual adaptation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol - A Ghost Story" with celebrity host Cheryl Ladd. Goldcoast Broadcastings' AM 1520 KVTA aired the production multiple times on Dec. 24, 2006. The next production will be "Sleepy Hollow - The Lost Diaries" with celebrity host Malcolm McDowell in October. For information about the troupe and upcoming broadcasts, visit www.barkerductions.com


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