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Hollie and Malcolm 1

Hollie and Malcolm 2


    My mother was a huge fan of "Time After Time" which came out the year I was born. At Rock & Shock, I waited in line to have him sign a photo of himself as H.G. Wells for her. He had just poured a cup of tea with lemon when I got to him and I insisted he hold up the cup for the photo (Mom would LOVE that!). I waited until Christmas to give her the autograph and a copy of the movie. She was elated. I came back the following day and figured I should get an autograph for myself and we posed for another photo. I had baked red velvet Friday the 13th cupcakes for Kane Hodder and Derek Mears. I asked Adrienne King to hold one in a photo (her table was in between Kane's and Malcolm's) After the photo she asked if she could have a few, she wanted to share with Malcolm. I'm not sure if he really ate it, but I thought it was cute. Sunday, I stopped by one last time to say goodbye to Malcolm and gave him a brochure for the Lizzie Borden B&B in Fall River, MA. My mother works there on weekends and the owner is a HUGE fan. She wanted to offer him a free stay at the house, so I wrote her name and number on the brochure and told him to ask for her to arrange a stay whenever he wanted.

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