NFT 11/12/07

If you have any stories, pictures or video of the event contact me.


Never Apologize: A Personal Visit with Lindsay Anderson was introduced by Malcolm McDowell at Screen on the Hill on Sunday 11 November at 5pm and at the NFT on Monday 12 November at 8pm. He also did an interview for it there because this marked the London premiere.


Malcolm poses for a picture at the event


Fri 2 Nov 6.30PM & 8.50PM Studio
Sat 3 Nov 3.45PM, 6.30PM & 8.50PM Studio
Sun 4 Nov 3.40PM, 6.15PM & 8.50PM Studio
Tue 6 Nov 6.30PM & 8.50PM Studio
Wed 7 Nov 8.50PM Studio
Thu 8 Nov 6.30PM & 8.50PM Studio
Fri 9 Nov 6.30PM & 8.50PM Studio
Sat 10 Nov 4.10PM & 8.50PM Studio
Tue 13 Nov 6.00PM Studio
Wed 14 Nov 8.50PM Studio
Thu 15 Nov 8.50PM Studio
Sat 17 Nov 6.30PM Studio
Sun 18 Nov 8.50PM Studio

Tickets 8.60, 6.25 (BFI Members pay 1 less).

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