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Character Actor
Daniel Linderman Malcolm McDowell
Claire Bennet Hayden Panettiere
Hiro Nakamura Masi Oka
Nathan Petrelli Adrian Pasdar
Peter Petrelli Milo Ventimiglia
Mohinder Suresh Sendhil Ramamurthy
Niki & Jessica Sanders/Tracy Strauss Ali Larter 
Noah Bennet AKA HRG Jack Coleman
Matt Parkman Greg Grunberg
Gabriel Gray AKA Sylar Zachary Quinto
Ando Masahashi James Kyson Lee
Angela Petrelli Cristine Rose
Micah Sanders Noah Gray-Cabey
Sandra Bennet Ashley Crow
The Haitian Jimmy Jean-Louis
Daphne Millbrook Brea Grant
Arthur Petrelli Robert Forster
Lyle Bennet  Randall Bentley
D.L. Hawkins Leonard Roberts 
Simone Deveaux Tawny Cypress
Isaac Mendez Santiago Cabrera
Zach Thomas Dekker
Candice Wilmer Missy Peregrym
Janice Parkman Elizabeth Lackey
Eden McCain Nora Zehetner
Aaron Malsky Kevin Chamberlin
Kaito Nakamura George Takei
Audrey Hanson Clea DuVall
Ted Sprague  Matthew John Armstrong
Tina Deirdre Quinn 
Jackie Wilcox Danielle Savre 
Brody Mitchum Matt Lanter
Claude Christopher Eccleston
Thompson Eric Roberts

Directed by Greg Beeman, Allan Arkush, Paul Shapiro
Created & Written by Tim Kring


Nobody's Hero By Jeff Jensen EW 3/16/07
    When the producers of Heroes asked celebrated British actor Malcolm McDowell to play the show's much-feared but never-seen villain, underworld figure Mr. Linderman, the man who was once Caligula felt inclined to say nay, as he was prepping to shoot Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween. Then he asked his son, budding film director Charlie, for advice. ''He said, 'Are you kidding?! It's Heroes! You gotta do it!''' Good calls all around: McDowell's iconic profile made Linderman's March 5 debut even more powerful. ''After 17 episodes of building this guy up, we knew we needed an actor with a certain weight,'' says executive producer Tim Kring. ''And Malcolm certainly has weight.''
    He's also no stranger to playing ruthless people. McDowell, 63, is best known for sporting fishhook eyelashes and dishing out ultraviolence in A Clockwork Orange. ''I do enjoy playing extreme people - mostly because they're nothing like me,'' says McDowell, who'll haunt Heroes for at least three episodes this season. (Kring wants him to stick around longer.) When the series returns on April 23, McDowell says Linderman will reveal himself to be not just a mere gangster, but ''the mastermind behind all the shenanigans that are going on,'' including the political machinations of Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) and the efforts of Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) to avert New York's nuclear incineration. McDowell's clearly pumped; during this interview, he excitedly let out a number of spoilers, from the ominous significance of the April 23 episode's title (''.07%'') to this: ''The twist about Linderman is that he also has a power, which is - oh, I should probably hold back.''
    McDowell adds that he can't wait to film scenes for the May 21 season finale - and perhaps share screen time with Oka's time-warping, Star Trek-loving supergeek. ''He's just marvelous, isn't he?'' gushes the converted fanboy, before turning Linderman-eeeevil. ''I can't wait to ask him for my sword back. Personally.''

BuddyTV 3/12/07
    .07% refers to the number of people who will die in the anticipated explosion in New York. Linderman tries to win Nathan over to his side by saying "There's six and a half billion people on the planet, that's less than .07%. Come on, that's an acceptable loss by anyone's count."
    "The twist about Linderman is that he also has a power, which is - oh, I should probably hold back." McDowell told Entertainment Weekly recently. As we'll see in the episode, Linderman's gallery not only contains Isaac's paintings, but works by others with similar powers, including Takezo Kensei, who owned the sword Hiro's been after.
    Linderman tells Nathan that he's been using his own powers (whatever they might be) to help bring about the New York City explosion, because he believes it will bring about a positive change in the world. Isaac paints Nathan as the President in the future; Linderman says "It is your destiny, Nathan, to be the leader who uses this event to rally a city, a nation, a world." Nathan brings up Peter's "exploding man" destiny, and Linderman tells him "Peter's curtain call will come the day after you're elected."
    Linderman's known about his own powers for many years, and used to work with another group of heroes - including Claude, who we saw as Mr. Bennet's first partner in Company Man. Tim Kring, Heroes creator, says these heroes were part of "a generation that actually came before our current crop." So what happened? "Greed set in, and we split apart. And all the good we'd done, well, it amounted to nothing," Linderman tells Nathan.

More Heroes Secrets Unveiled
Sci Fi Wire 3/12/07
    Tim Kring, the creator of NBC's hit SF series Heroes, told fans that the show will eventually bring all of the main hero characters together before the season is out and offered a preview of the April 23 episode, in which many secrets are revealed about Mr. Linderman (Malcolm McDowell). At a panel for the Museum of Television and Radio's William S. Paley Festival in Hollywood on March 10, Kring unveiled a long scene from the next new episode, ".07," featuring McDowell's Linderman speaking with Adrian Pasdar's Nathan Petrelli (spoilers ahead!).
    Among other things, viewers learn that Linderman has superpowers of his own, that he was once a member of a group of heroes, that the members of the group eventually used their powers for personal gain-and that he is behind the plot to blow up New York as a way to engender widespread fear, which he believes will bring the nation together in hope. Linderman also reveals a prophecy that Nathan will eventually wind up in the White House.
    As for the season finale, Kring told fans that he was "still putting the final script together" but has it all mapped out. "I know everyone's fate," he said cryptically.
    Greg Grunberg, who plays psychic cop Matt Parkman, said that he had already read the script for the 22nd of 23 episodes and that it "just blew me away." Who lives and who dies? "It's the nature of the show to know that we're all vulnerable," Grunberg added.


    In the 1960's his mother was dying of cancer and he was able to heal her using only his hands. Instead of being proud, his parents freaked out and he left not using his healing skills again. In 1968 while in the army serving in Vietnam he embarked as a medic on a secret mission under the codename Dallas. Going 40 miles behind enemy lines to rescue pilots in a downed plane his team of five was ambushed. Only he and Dallas survived and Dallas would've died if Linderman didn't heal him. It was the first time he used his power since his mother and Dallas too now regarded him as a freak. When they find the plane all the crew has been tortured and killed. Their mission was to take out Au Co a nearby village that is a massive supplier of food to the Viet Cong troops. Dallas decides to finish the job using weapons from the plane. Austin is hesitant the whole way, but has to follow orders. When they attack the village they learn the target wasn't the village itself but the spiritual head of the village, a young girl. Austin tries to stop Dallas from killing her, but fails. Afterwards Dallas files his report that Austin is a healer and to get even for killing Au Co Austin denies he can heal. This sends Dallas over the edge and gets him discharged from the army after attacking Austin. A few years later Linderman apologizes to Dallas in person and we learn he is really Arthur Petrelli and they form a partnership that lasts until Petrelli's death in 2006.
    Mr. Linderman now resides in Las Vegas and owns multiple casinos including The Monteco and The Corinthian Hotel. He also runs The Linderman Group, which controls the company without a name that Mr. Bennet works for. By he is so secretive that only Thompson, the boss, knows of Linderman's involvement. He was extremely close to Nathan and Peter's family as he was their lawyer father's biggest client. He is still in contact with Nathan on the phone and in person for campaign donations. Peter hasn't spoken to him in a while.
    His business dealings are shadowy and he's known as a major power broker. He can't be too overtly illegal because it wouldn't be good for Nathan's campaign, but we do know he is up for extortion and murder for hire at least.
    We when finally meet him he's just an older man just trying to make some pot pie, there is nothing threatening about him, but he is far from weak and shows no fear. It turns out he doesn't have to fear a gun pointed at him because he has a super power of his own he's hiding. He's from the previous generation of heroes and is intent on using this generation for his plans. He tells Nathan he has his career plotted out years ahead if he sticks with him. The proof he has is a painting of the future of Nathan in the White House. Nathan says he is down in the poles, but Hana learns that Linderman has the election results bought and paid for long in advance.
    Linderman reveals his plan to Nathan. He wants to cause a 9/11 style disaster in New York. He's arranged to have a bomb go off and since it will only kill .07% of the population it's no big deal. Nathan thinks he's crazy, but is powerless to stop him. This will give Nathan a chance to shine and will give him a fast track to the White House a la Rudy Guiliani. To help him wins he needs the help of Micah. He asks Jessica for him, but she refuses. He assures her it wasn't a request. He later has Candice pretend she's Jessica to bring him to him. He personally goes out to greet Micah and ride with him. He uses Micah to rig the election so Nathan can win by altering the votes by computer.
    He also has a building or at least offices in Manhattan as high as the 51st floor. On the 42nd floor is his personal office. This is where he also keeps Molly who can tell him where any of the heroes are at any time. On the day Nathan wins the election he was confronted by D.L. and Jessica and tried to bribe Jessica to kill him, but Niki took over. Linderman goes to shoot her, but D.L. jumps in front of her and is shot, probably dead. D.L. then phases his fist into Linderman's head leaving him for dead.
    Later we learn he was one of the original 12 heroes from the previous generation. He is brought back to life in the form of visions supplied by Matt Parkman's father. Soon he is killed by Arthur Petrelli, so chances are he's gone for good.

Characters linked to Linderman

Classic Lines

From Linderman

"Now you can't have my pot pie." 
"To be truly happy a man must live absolutely in the present. No thought of what's gone before and no thought of what lies ahead. But with a life of meaning a man is condemned to wallow in the past and obsessed about the future" 

Episode Guide

Season 1 (2006-07)

Episodes with Malcolm in bold.

Volume One #/Airdate
1 - Save the Cheerleader, Save the World Eps 1-11
In His Own Image (AKA Genesis) #101. 9/25/06
Don't Look Back  #102. 10/2/06
One Giant Leap #103. 10/9/06
Collision #104. 10/16/06
Hiros #105. 10/23/06
Better Halves #106. 10/30/06
Nothing to Hide #107. 11/6/06
Seven Minutes to Midnight #108. 11/13/06
Homecoming #109. 11/20/06
Six Months Ago #110. 11/27/06
Fallout #111. 12/4/06
2 - Are You on the List? Eps 12-18
Godsend #112. 1/22/07
The Fix #113. 1/29/07
Distractions #114. 2/5/07
Run! #115. 2/12/07
Unexpected #116. 2/19/07
Company Man #117. 2/26/07
Parasite #118. 3/5/07
3 - It's Time to Save the World Eps 19-23
.07% #119. 4/23/07
Five Years Later #120. 4/30/07
The Hard Part #121. 5/7/07
Landslide #122. 5/14/07
How to Stop an Exploding Man #123. 5/21/07

Season 2 (2007)

Volume Two - Generations #/Airdate
Four Months Later… #201. 9/24/07
Lizards #202. 10/1/07
Kindred #203. 10/8/07
The Kindness of Strangers #204. 10/15/07
Fight or Flight #205. 10/22/07
The Line #206. 10/29/07
Out of Time #207. 11/5/07
Four Months Earlier… #208. 11/12/07
Cautionary Tales #209. 11/19/07
Truth & Consequences #210. 11/26/07
Powerless #211. 12/3/07

Season 3 (2008)

Volume Three - Villains #/Airdate
Countdown to the Premiere #300. 9/22/08
Second Coming #301. 9/22/08
The Butterfly Affect #302. 9/22/08
One of Us, One of Them #303. 9/29/08
I Am Become Death #304. 10/6/08
Angels and Monsters #305. 10/13/08
Dying in the Light #306. 10/20/08
Eris Quod Sum #307. 10/27/08
Villains #308. 11/10/08
It's Coming #309. 11/17/08
The Eclipse Part I #310. 11/24/08
The Eclipse Part II #311. 12/1/08
Our Father #312. 12/8/08
Dual #313. 12/15/08

Since Malcolm isn't coming back I'm not continuing the guide.
Casey Kringlen appears as the young Linderman in episode 1961


Movieweb with Malcolm McDowell 5/10/07
IGN with Malcolm McDowell 5/14/07



Linderman returns as a teenager in the episode 1961.


Ratings down again to 7.5 million


Down again to 7.6 million/7 share.


The ratings continue to plummet. Taking a week off was a bad move. Now it's down to 7.8 million.


Heroes ratings once again slip to a record low of 8.2 million. No new episode next week, but there is a new one in 2 weeks that is all flashback and Linderman will be there.


Heroes slips down to 8.5 million viewers this week


"There are guys I know and guys I like," he says. "I'm trying to remember the two guys...there was one I just worked with, Malcolm McDowell, and one guy I know but have not worked with, Eric Roberts." Robert Forster (Mr. Petrelli)


Heroes jumps up to 8.82 million viewers this week, stopping the bleeding a tiny bit.


Heroes is down to 5 million viewers, the lowest ever once again, but it's very popular on bit torrent sites for those in Europe who want to see it. Maybe they should just take the show to the BBC.


Heroes gets 9.5 million viewers losing to all the other main stations. This is less than half of the audience from Season 1.


Heroes ratings for the premiere are down over 25% from last year and are the lowest in the show's history. The countdown was seen by only 6 million, the lowest ever.


Brea Grant, "I got to work with Malcolm McDowell and it was amazing. He's so cool and has about a million stories. He's also the ultimate bad guy. He's so evil that it's cool." When asked if what she shot with McDowell was a flashback, Grant confirmed the scene does take place in the present. How his character will return this season and for how long has yet to be announced.


Mezco toys announced they will be debuting new Heroes figures at the San Diego Comic Con 08 including a Linderman figure that will be released in September 2008. The picture shows 2 heads and a live and dead plant for accessories. Scan


I’ve been doing Heroes, which is wonderfully written. It’s a great character and I’ll do that for a while. - Malcolm


Added a new interview with Malcolm which sadly confirms he will be returning to Heroes for Season 3.


"I was thrilled to be offered the show. It has such wonderful scenes. I don't want to ruin it for people, but this Monday's show is going to be a humdinger." - Malcolm
The scan from .07% with Linderman and Jessica appeared in a USA Today article the same day.


IESB.net posted a couple of short scenes from episode .07%. Two feature Linderman - Nathan and Linderman talk about the future & Linderman asks Niki for Micah.


Malcolm's first episode will be Parasite. At the end of Company Man they showed him from the back, not showing his face. He  has short hair and a white beard.


Malcolm will be playing Linderman who is mentioned often, but hasn't been seen. He has taped 3 episodes and right now it's unknown if there will be more. Malcolm says, "It is a wonderful part."


Malcolm McDowell has joined the cast of the NBC hit drama Heroes. In a recurring role, he will play an ally of Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) a politician who harbors a secret.



Malcolm's screen credit

Linderman turns around for the first time

Linderman promo
Linderman with Nathan - two views

Linderman with Jessica

DL attacking Linderman

The Kindness of Strangers
Linderman in the photo

Countdown to the Premiere
Malcolm signing autographs

Malcolm at the party

Malcolm being interviewed

Malcolm giving his speech

I Am Become Death
Linderman telling Nathan to save Tracy

Angels and Monsters
Linderman from 2 angels talking to Nathan in his kitchen

Dying in the Light
Linderman bending down and looking up

Arthur & Linderman coming down the stairs

Linderman worried about Nathan's investigation

Linderman offering to heal Angela

Casey Kringlen as the teenage Linderman

Entertainment Weekly #933 May 11, 2007 Cover #5/5 - Linderman and Syler


"We loved working with Malcolm and figured out how to have that character return in an interesting way this season. The second volume of the show was called `Generations,' and explored the idea that there was a whole series of people who came before our characters. It's basically the idea of the sins of the parents being visited upon their children. We will see that some of those people survive in very interesting and curious ways in Volume 3. There's still some remnants of that previous generation. The truth is, it's all about family, and at the core of this particular volume we're exploring the nature of dysfunction among family. There are two families that are at the core of this show, the Bennett family and the Petrelli family. And both of them will be tested and tugged in ways that you haven't seen so far." Tim Kring 9/20/08

"You never say never. Even though my brain was squashed." How has the business changed? "Movies are about 100 times more expensive. One show of "Heroes" is twice the budget of "Clockwork Orange." Actors are getting lottery money now."  Malcolm McDowell 10/22/07

"Linderman was a healer; that was the beauty of him. He was this, if you like, evil force with this power diametrically opposite to what he was, which made him very interesting. And maybe he'll be back. ... The door has been left open somewhat. When I left, they said to me, "Malcolm, just so you know, nobody ever dies forever on this. If they said, "Would you come back?" I'd go in a heartbeat. ... I'd love to see him back. I don't know whether Linderman can stick his own eyes back in their sockets yet or fix his brain. We'll have to see. But he is a healer, so anything is possible." Malcolm McDowell 8/24/07

My Summaries

Comic Book

Linderman in the comic

    On the official NBC website they have graphic novels AKA comic books you can download in parts that are 7-9 pages each. This is high quality stuff like you’d find in a comic shop. They are large pdf files anywhere from 4 to 23 MB. There are also flash versions online that have hidden content. Starting with #24 Mr. Bennet sends his latest find, an Israeli agent named Hana Gitelman he has trained to read email out of the air, to the Pentagon to steal a file. She is introduced in the comic before she is supposed to appear in the TV series.
    She reads the file and in Part 2 there is a solider codenamed Austin that is Linderman when he was younger. At first it’s not confirmed, then the artist who took over started to get him dead on as Malcolm. It looks like he used source material from Figures in a Landscape. Finally in Part 5 they confirm it is Linderman.

25 – War Buddies Part 2
1968. A group of 5 men in the army during the Vietnam War take a boat 40 miles into enemy territory to rescue a downed A4 Skyhawk plane. Since they aren’t supposed to be there they have no ID and do not use their real names. Linderman’s codename is Austin and he is a medic who has the power to heal others with his only his hands. He and Dallas are the only ones left alive after the first firefight with the enemy.
26 - War Buddies Part 3
Dallas tortures a prisoner for information on the location of the plane and Austin keeps healing him until hours later he gives up the location. When they get there all the pilots have been tortured or killed. Dallas wants Austin to heal them, but he says it only works on the living. He calls him a freak and Austin says he couldn’t handle the pain this has brought him. His mother was dying of cancer and he healed her. When he says what he did his parents looked at him in horror, so he leaves. He never healed again until Dallas and he looks at him the same way. They learn the Skyhawk’s mission was to take out a place called Au Co. They find out it’s a huge farming area used to feed the enemy and Dallas wants to take it out using the weapons they found with the plane and Austin eventually agrees.
27 – War Buddies Part 4
They are ready to move in when Austin notices a lot of civilians. Dallas reminds him they have M-16s. Then a teenage girl comes out of a hut dressed in white and acts like a priestess to get the cultivating going in a spiritual way. There’s more than meets the eye there. Dallas gives him a direct order and they rig half the village with explosives hoping the fire will take care of the rest. Then they learn that Au Co is really the girl, not the village and Austin knocks Dallas down to stop him from killing her.
28 – War Buddies Part 5
Dallas is able to take Au Co down with one shot and won’t let Austin heal her. They return to win silver stars and Dallas puts in his report that Austin is a healer, but Austin denies it to the colonel. Outside the officer’s tent Dallas demands a reason why he lied and punches Austin in the face. Two guards nearby break it up and he is dishonorably discharged from the army and his life is ruined. Years later Austin turns up at Dallas’ house. He owes him an apology and makes him an offer that they can do great things and introduces himself as Linderman, Dallas says he is really Arthur Petrelli (Nathan and Peter’s father).
29 – War Buddies Part 6
The file concludes “at date of filing, the two men remain close friends.” Hana says Linderman is a big shot in Vegas. She steals his credit card number to take a flight to Vegas. In his computer she finds the election results for Nathan's upcoming congressional seat have already been rigged. At the end it reads if you want to help Hana ruin Linderman’s plans go to Hana's site.


Instead of listing complete summaries of every episode, I'm going to list only the parts that refer to or feature Linderman and include his complete dialog.

Chapter 1 - In His Own Image
Nathan is on the phone with Linderman in his HQ when Peter walks in. He says he'll call him back in 5 minutes. Niki borrowed $30,000 for Linderman to send Micah to a special school, but it turns out the first 25 only counted as a gift. Her friend Tina says he's the mob, Linderman wants his money back so he's sending thugs to put Niki in the hospital. She needs to pay him back with interest to get out of it. When the two thugs catch Niki, they want $50,000. She says it was never more than 30 with interest. They say 50 because Mr. Linderman wants to be nice.

Chapter 2 - Don't Look Back 

Niki tells Tina the guys that Linderman sent showed up and once Linderman finds out they are dead they'll come after her. When Hiro goes to the future of 11/8, the paper says Nathan won the election. In episode 18 Linderman guarantees Nathan will win.

Chapter 3 - One Giant Leap
Niki tells D.L.'s mom that D.L. stole $2 million from Linderman. She tells Niki he was framed. Later a cop pulls over Niki in the desert, but she isn't getting a ticket. He tells her Mr. Linderman wants to see her.

Chapter 4 - Collision
Niki goes to Linderman's casino, The Monteco in Las Vegas. An Asian woman tells her that Mr. Linderman is willing to forgive her debt for a favor. A politician is coming into town and they need her to influence him. Niki says she's not a whore. She tells Niki they know what she is. Nathan's manager says he is up 3 points since his speech about Peter, so they can role the dice with Linderman. Nathan says he can't. Linderman's $2 million can help a lot in the election and he was close to his dad so he can't cut him off. In the casino Niki is stopped in the elevator and says she won't sleep with Nathan and she'll find another way to pay off Linderman. The man tells her that won't be possible.

Chapter 5 - Hiros 
The Asian assistant tells Niki Mr. Linderman reviewed the tape of her and Nathan and was pleased with her performance. Niki says it wasn't her. She tells Niki she is paid off, but if it wasn't her than she stills owes Mr. Linderman. Later Linderman's thugs toss Hiro and Ando out of a van in the desert. Niki tells Nathan after that he was taped because she was blackmailed. Nathan tells the Asian woman he now wants $4 million from Linderman. She says the deal was for $2 million. The blackmail is worthless if he doesn't become a congressman, so it must be important for him to win if Linderman is willing to go through this. He's in his pocket now.

Chapter 6 - Better Halves
Peter tells Nathan he needs to get back one of Isaac's paintings from Linderman. D.L. returns and Niki tells him he stole $2 million from Linderman. He says a woman stepped in and killed his crew to frame him. They go to the poker room and D.L. tells her these guys used to get stuff done for Linderman. She tells him after he left she borrowed $30,000 from Linderman.

Chapter 7 - Nothing to Hide
Simone tells Peter the painting he wants she already sold to Linderman who lives in Las Vegas. Nathan's mom asks him that Linderman gave him $4 million and he spent it on postcards? Nathan wants her to chose the one she likes. Peter goes to Nathan to have him get the painting that Linderman bought. Nathan doesn't want him to advertise that famous connection. When the reporter arrives to interview Nathan's family he says he was surprised to hear the Linderman Group invested in his campaign. Nathan asks why since he's been friends with the family for years. He then asks him about going to see Linderman and disappearing from his hotel for hours with a blond. Nathan calls Mr. Linderman explaining that Peter has developed some sort of attachment to this painting and doesn't know what he'll do if he doesn't get it. He's told to call the gallery directly. After Nathan goes to Peter's apartment. Peter asks him if he talked to Mr. Linderman. Yes, but he won't let the painting go. Peter says it's the key to everything and Nathan says he's sorry.

Chapter 8 - Seven Minutes to Midnight

Chapter 9 - Homecoming
In the intro it is mentioned a painting is bought by Linderman. Peter is told by Simone the painting he wanted was bought from Linderman by Nathan.

Chapter 10 - Six Months Ago
At Peter's party his mom says Linderman is in Atlantic City and couldn't come, Peter says let's do it without him. Nathan says the DA wants him to prosecute Linderman, he's dad's biggest client. If they can take him down they'll take down the whole empire. Peter says dad wouldn't. If Nathan stops him it'll take the stink off the family. Peter says if he goes after him he'll never forgive himself.
In the hospital Nathan says it was Linderman's guys who rammed into him. Later Nathan arrives to get Peter for his deposition against Linderman, but says there won't be one. Their dad died this morning, never knowing they were about to betray him.

Chapter 11 - Fallout

Chapter 12 - Godsend
D.L. pays $2 million to Aaron Malsky, Linderman's lawyer clear the charges, so does this mean Linderman is off his back. Malsky doesn't work that way, when Linderman chooses to call in his debt, he'll be the first to know.
Hiro steals Takeshi's sword from the museum and it's a replica. The blade says replica courtesy of the Linderman Group. He tells Isaac the real sword is owned by Linderman and Nathan hears him. Simone says Linderman is a client of hers who buys all of Isaac's paintings and she can get him in to see him and get the sword.

Chapter 13 - The Fix

Ando and Hiro hide under a SUV and plan on stealing a painting from Linderman because it's valuable to him as barter for the sword.

Chapter 14 - Distractions

The hospital tells Niki she is free. She says thanks to Linderman. The man won't say.

Chapter 15 - Run!
Niki gets a call for a job, she understands about Malsky taking his money, what Mr. Linderman wants Mr. Linderman gets. In the hotel kitchen, Ando says we have to sneak into Linderman's hotel. He says if Hiro can figure out how to sneak into Linderman's office they will have hope. Ando mentions Linderman and Hope says everyone knows who he is, she can introduce Hiro to him if they help her. Hiro wants to go to Linderman's office without Ando. Nathan wants to go to Texas to handle it, not on the heels of the Linderman scandal. The jeweler thinks Linderman's guy will be here soon enough, Malsky won't get out alive. Matt asks Malsky who Linderman is, he's his ex-boss. He's after him because he stole his $2 million. Niki tells Jessica she has to do this, someone has to pay Linderman. He got her out of jail. In the hotel Hope tells Ando she took Hiro to the guy who introduce him to Linderman.

Chapter 16 - Unexpected

Chapter 17 - Company Mean

Chapter 18 - Parasite
    The FBI comes to Nathan in his office and closes all the windows and checks for bugs. It's clean. Nathan says they promised no face to face, they say he promised Linderman. He says if it wasn't for him they wouldn't have anything. He has to go to Vegas tonight and record him so they can put him away. He says you want me to wear a wire? He's the only one close enough to get to Linderman, he can put him away, it will benefit them both. Then his brother Peter appears, he was invisible the whole time, and didn't know the FBI was involved. Nathan says since Harry's accident. Peter informs him Simone is dead, Isaac killed her. Did they call the police? No. He says he'll call it into the police anonymously. He wants to go away, she's dead because of him. Everyone is in danger when he's around. Nathan wants to make a to know what to do, then Peter disappears.
    Nathan arrives in Vegas to find Hiro on the ground in front of the casino. He helps him get in, he's there still trying to steal the sword. It's too dangerous now. Hiro wants his help, he needs his powers back. Nathan talks to security and says Hiro is with him and needs to make an art delivery to Linderman, they didn't know he was with him. Best to let him in or Linderman will be upset, you know how he is. They agree to allow him to go in to see the curator. 
    Jessica tells her boyfriend Linderman called her in to be a dealer. He's worried that it's something more than that.
    Hiro delivers a fake painting to the curator and then types in Kensei sword on his computer and it opens up drawer CRM114 (A Kubrick nod) across the room. He climbs up a ladder to get it and the curator comes back and trips the security alarm saying 754 men will come running. The first arrives and it's Hiro friend Ando who shoots the curator. He knew he would come for his sword. Then the real security team arrives and they have to block the doors. 
    Nathan makes contact with the FBI through his wire, he tells them Linderman is calling in an hour, he's not going to play craps, he's going to his room. Then Jessica comes into the FBI room with a gun drawn. She tells him never to bug a man who owns his own hotel. She has them drop their guns and then shoots them dead. 
    Nathan gets to his room and calls then, but Jessica is waiting for him. She rips the bug off and says wearing this can get a person killed. She then reveals she's really Niki, they hired Jessica to kill him and she is on the way. He throws her down, he says the FBI can hear them, she tells him the FBI is dead. Linderman knows. Did you come to kill me or warn me? She says trust me. 
    Ando tells Hiro to go without him and teleport out. He says he'll take him with him, but they end up atop a building in a dead future. He says he failed, the bomb dropped. 
    Niki tells Nathan that Linderman hired her to kill him. Linderman is going to offer him a deal and to take it. He says he has a noose on his neck and won't. You have 2 kids, you run. He says no, there's a another way, kill him. She says he has to knock her out if he wants the gun, it'll throw Jessica off. So he does.
    They come for Nathan, Linderman is not meeting him in his office. They take Nathan to the kitchen where Linderman is cooking with his back to him and Nathan finally walks over calling Mr. Linderman. He asks him do you enjoy vegetables, Mr. Petrelli? 
    He likes zucchini when the mood strikes, but not as a rule, you can hire someone to do that for you. 
    I like to cook, it's my meditation, one aims for perfection in one's life, but one doesn't find it very often. For me, this is about as close as it gets. Voila, a pot pie! Wholesome, warm, healthy, that is if you can live without crème sauce, personally I can't. What's the point? You know people can sleep, they can gamble, even make love when they are miserable. But I think most people eat when they are happy, I like to see people happy, are you happy Nathan? 
    Not especially, I have a few issues that plague me. 
    Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. You see, I think there comes a time when a man has to ask himself whether he wants a life of happiness or a life of meaning? 
    He'd like to have both. 
    Linderman laughs. It can't be done, two very different paths. To be truly happy a man must live absolutely in the present. No thought of what's gone before and no thought of what lies ahead. But with a life of meaning a man is condemned to wallow in the past and obsessed about the future, my guess is you've done a lot of obsessing about yours the last few days. Nathan pulls out the gun. He says now you can't have my pot pie. I won't hold it against you, lots of men have tried to kill me. 
    He says he'll be the last. 
    Of course you can pull that trigger Nathan, but you'll be taking both of our lives. You'll be dead within moments, or I could offer you something. 
    I'm not interested in anything you has to offer. 
    I think you are, I think there are things you need to hear, things I know about. 
    Too late. 
    That you can fly for instance? or about your brother Peter and his small problem? your daughter even? all those others out there like you? I can offer you more than just information Nathan. You're going to win your election, I'll see to that. In two years from now in a series of fluke circumstances you'll find yourself in the White House, a heartbeat away from the presidency, a life of meaning Nathan, think about it, the choice is yours. He turns his back on him and goes back to cooking. Nathan lowers the gun.

Chapter 19 - .07%
Official: After "helping" Suresh search for more people with special abilities, Sylar's rampage continues with two "heroes" being confronted by the stronger-powered serial killer. Nathan must factor what he's learned from Linderman into difficult decisions that will shape the future -- for him, his family, New York City and the world. As Thompson uses every tool at his disposal to find Claire, Linderman drafts Jessica into his far-reaching plans. Meanwhile, Hiro's resolve to "save the world" strengthens in the face of a grim reality.

Linderman's voice over intro: People think I collect art, but what I really collect are lives fixed in paint. A perfect moment capturing an entire existence made immortal. Monsters fight to survive and live to kill again. A mother willing to fracture her own soul to protect her child. Youth's struggle for innocence despite life's cruelty. The double-edged lives needed to sustain a double-edged life. A wandering hero's pure joy of success and his darkest hour when all the world seems lost. All perfect moments frozen in time. Alone each tells a single story, together they can tell the future.

Corinthian Hotel, Vegas - Nathan and Linderman walk through his galley. Nathan says, You must take all your first dates here. What do you do with all this? "I protect it. I shield it from the greedy and dangerous world."
But you are a criminal.
"When my day of judgment comes Nathan I'll be remembered as a humanitarian. I care about the word, I just want to save it, to heal it and to do that I need you."
What could you know possibly know about healing?
He grabs a dead flower and brings it back to life by waving his hand over it. "A few things."
Nathan sees a cartoon drawing of Hiro and says he knows him.
"Oh great, if you see him tell him I want my sword back."
He says he needs it to save the word
"We all have our roles to play in the events to come. You know this isn't just a collection of art. This is a roadmap, these artists envisioned a bright future of peace, prosperity."
This is a brighter future? (Nathan points to a picture of the bomb going off)
"What if I was to tell you that it was?"
I'd say you are a lousy humanitarian.
"I was a lot younger when I discovered my power. And there were others too like me who discovered theirs. We were all confused and we found each other, together we tried to make a difference in the world. For a while we did, it was beautiful. Then some of my friends, they lost their way. They used their powers for personal gain and all the good that we had did amounted to nothing and I learned that healing one person at a time was just not enough. We needed something to pull it down on course, something big. People need hope Nathan."
Half the city will be destroyed.
"There are 6 ½ billion people on the planet, that's less than .07%, come on that's an acceptable loss by anyone's count. I said people needed hope, but they trust fear. This tragedy will be a catalyst for good, change. Out of the ashes humanity will find a common goal, a united sense of hope couched in a united sense of fear. And it is your destiny Nathan to use this event to rally a city, a nation, a world. You look deep into your heart, you know I'm right."
If you haven't noticed, I'm down in the poles.
Linderman pulls out a wall with a large drawing. "Do you think I'd leave that to chance." The drawing shows Nathan in the white house.
If you know all this, then you know the exploding man is my brother.
"As I said, we all have a role to play. Peter's curtain call will come the day after you are elected."
You are insane, you know that? He leaves Linderman staring.

Outside their house D.L. says to Jessica you are working for a gangster like Linderman pulling the triggers for him. She says everything she's done is for Micah. If it wasn't for her Niki would still be in jail. D.L. says Micah isn't safe as long as Linderman owns our lives. He says he'll die before he lets Linderman turn Micah into what she's become. A car pulls up for her, a man says Mr. Linderman has asked to see you right away. 
    Jessica is taken in to the casino gallery. She's told Mr. Linderman will see you now. She replies, You are kidding, Mr. Linderman doesn't see anyone. Linderman says, "Not if I can help it. Fearsome Jessica finally, sweet Niki yes, but you I've never had that pleasure. We've both certainly come a long way since you borrowed that $30,000 and conveniently forgot to repay. By the way I've had to have that room repainted since your last assignment. I need a small favor." It must be off the charts she says.
    "It's all a matter of perspective. I need to borrow your Micah briefly, that is his talent. I want to help Micah achieve something monumental with his life. I had a plan in place that until recently began to unravel, I need your son to help me repair it." She doesn't want that. "I understand, Micah is involved by the mere fact of his birth. I've been, I think more than fair to you. I've helped you out of a tight spot, spared you that long walk to the gas chamber. Chocolate milk, all the cookies he can eat and I'll even make him a fresh sandwich." She says he's off limits. "The request was a courtesy, dear." She leaves anyway. He says to his man, you better take out a security deposit on Mrs. Sanders.

Matt asks if New York is this where Linderman is. Bennett asks where did he get that name? From your boss, Thompson, he thought about sending us to this Linderman guy, I figured that's who you work for. Wait a minute, you didn't know that? You are trying to take down your organization and you don't even know who signs your checks? He's just a middle management. Bennett says Linderman isn't there, he's in Las Vegas. Matt says it's Linderman, Linderman - the mobster who owns all those casinos. What does he have to do with this? Apparently more than I knew. Matt wants to take the fight to Linderman. Bennet says No, we stick to the plan, take out the tracking system, then whoever is left standing will go after Linderman.

Jessica takes Micah outside of their house. She says he's going to a meeting, he wants to meet him. He knows you can do amazing things. Linderman and his boys are waiting for them. Linderman comes out of the car and says, "That's all right gentlemen, I want to greet this young man myself. It's a great pleasure to meet you Micah (laughs). How would you like to save the world today?" He takes him away. It wasn't really Jessica, it was Candice.

Nathan now has Linderman's picture of him in the white house at his house.

Chapter 20 - Five Years Gone
The bomb does go off like Linderman planned and Nathan is president, just like Linderman promised that he'd be in the White House. 
The Linderman Act was passed in 2008, to round up those with abilities. Since Linderman was not seen in this episode it might mean it was passed after he died in  his honor.

Chapter 21 - The Hard Part
D.L. tells Jessica she took a car to the Corinthian - Linderman's Casino. You let Micah go there. No she didn't, she said no. It's her fault this happened. It was Linderman, not her. He says he's going to save Micah himself and leaves. Niki tells Jessica to go with him or he'll be killed.
    At the hotel Candice talks to Linderman on the phone and tells him Micah is OK, but babysitting is the least of her talent. She switches to Jessica, says he wanted to make sure he was ready for tomorrow for his talent. Micah says he doesn't like Mr. Linderman, he smells funny and he wants to go home. Jess says Mr. Linderman helped them, they can't go and she doesn't want to talk about it anymore.
D.L. breaks into the Corinthian. Jess says it's where Linderman stores his art and he usually hangs out here. They see a drawing of Micah in New York surrounded by flames. They see that Linderman has tracked their entire life - he has pictures, reports, files, everything of theirs. DL says their life wasn't real it's just Linderman's science experiment. He checks his own file. She says why waste time, obviously Linderman isn't here. He checks the calendar, it says Petreilli, New York, the election.
    After Peter tells Nathan that Ted may be the bomb, Nathan picks up the phone and says, "Mr. Linderman we have a problem."
Nathan meets with Thompson and tells him Linderman doesn't have a grasp on what's going on. He's worried about Ted. He admits they want to blow up half of New York. Nathan asks why is he making the sacrifice, for the best of reasons he tells him
    Candice reveals herself to Micah and says if he doesn't do what Mr. Linderman says she'll show him things that'll mess him up for life, so he needs to behave.
    Nathan's mom tells him Linderman called her to says that Nathan was getting cold feet. Do you know about Linderman's plans? She says there are not just Linderman's plans, others have put time into them, including her. He doesn't know everything about her, but she knows about him. He doesn't have faith enough in the bomb to heal the world.
Next week's preview: Linderman says to Micah: "What you do here today is going to save many lives."

Chapter 22 - Landslide

    Previously - Linderman says to Nathan, "This tragedy will be a catalyst for good and it's your destiny Nathan."
    Linderman is in Manhattan with Nathan in his home office. Nathan says he's down in the polls. "Oh, I never listen to polls. Be ready Nathan, today you will become a congressman, in time you will lead the country."
As long I let my brother blow up
"You can't stop that, no one can. It's what comes next, that is entirely up to us. Your father would be very proud."
He would have me committed.
"Clearly your mother didn't tell you. Your father was one of us, someone with great power. He tried to make a difference in the world. He did all he could, when that wasn't enough he just gave up. Your father was weak."
He was my hero. Then his wife arrives not knowing Linderman was there.
"It's alright, I'm just on my way out. Mrs. Petrelli your husband is about to become a very powerful man. I would like to give you both a gift, to honor his forthcoming victory, something to make the days ahead a little easier. He grabs her hand to heal her and leaves. She asks what is he talking about. He doesn't know. She can't believe he let him in her their house. He's my largest contributor. If he wins, he'll be the reason. Why because he gave you money? I'm going to do things for the greater good. She gets up and he says it's a miracle, but his eyes say otherwise.
    D.L. & Jessica arrive in Manhattan, they see Nathan, but not Micah or Linderman.
    Micah doesn't understand why Candice is working for Linderman, she could be a hero. She says he doesn't understand how much the world sucks. Mr. Linderman is going to change that, he's going to heal the world. Micah didn't know the world needed healing. Then Linderman arrives. She greets him. "How are you and how is our boy? After today you can go home. I'm sure other grownups talk down to you Micah. I'm not going to make that mistake. I'm going to look you straight in the eye and tell you one simple truth. What you can do here today with your incredible ability will save many lives." He asks what. "What comes naturally, talking to machines." He asks after that can he go home? "I'll tell you what, I'll do better than that, I'll make sure you and your parents have enough money to live happily ever after."
    Hiro's father reveals he was also aligned with Linderman in the previous generation.
    Candice has Micah go into an election booth to change the vote to rig the election. Micah asks how many votes does your boss want him to win by.
    Jessica arrives in Nathan's office. He thought he'd never see her again because Linderman would take her out. She wants them to tell them where Linderman is for kidnapping their son. He doesn't want to. Jessica says he tried to kill Linderman, he hates him. Nathan says if he tells them he has to promise Linderman won't come after him. D.L. says Linderman took my son, he will pay in full for that.
    D.L. & Jessica arrive at the building with the tracking system. She says Linderman can be on any floor. Mr. Bennett proposes a truce to them and they'll find Linderman on 51. Molly is Linderman's tracking system. Mr. Bennet knew it was a person, no idea it was a girl.
    Linderman is on the phone in his office and says, "Yes, we'll send a helicopter to retrieve the Petrelli family, just make sure they're not late." Then Jessica & D.L. walk in. Linderman says, "Jessica? Why I must admit I'm quite surprised to see you here." She throws him against a wall and asks where Micah is. "You wouldn't even have Micah if it wasn't for me. Arranging your relationship, crafting opportunities." He gets up. D.L. says he thinks he's better than them and holds him against a wall. "Social Darwinism did play its part, I believe destiny to be intrinsic." Where's Micah? "He's in the building, 42nd floor." Jessica goes to leave so he tells D.L. "You'll never see him again you know. Jessica is going to kill you for me. Open the bag. You just caught me preparing for a trip." He dumps it out, it's full of cash. "Well, consider this a deposit, with more to follow. It's who she is, like most women whose lives have been ruined by men, all Jessica really wants is security, money buys that. Money is all she's really cared about. How much? 5, 10 million? All right $20 million to kill your husband and walk away." She says he's right, she would kill him, then she turns back to Niki. Linderman is happy at first, then doesn't understand. "You don't love him." Linderman pulls out a gun very fast to shoot her, but hits D.L. when jumps in to protect her. "You should've taken the money." Then D.L. phases his fist into Linderman's brain out and drops him. D.L. doesn't care what he said about them getting together, that was real, Jessica wasn't the strong one, it was you. She holds him on the floor as he dies with Linderman across from them. He doesn't get up.

Chapter 23 - How to Stop an Exploding Man
Preview - Linderman shows Nathan Isaac's painting of the bomb exploding.
    It opens in Linderman's office. Niki asks D.L. "Why did you take that bullet, you could've let it phase right through you?". Then they go through a wall before Linderman's men arrive and check his body which is in a different position than it was before. It was right next to D.L., before it was farther away.
    Angela tells Nathan in his office than Linderman is dead. How? Someone got to him in his office, he was murdered. It is a terrible tragedy, but the plan will go on, it wasn't just his, you know what to do. After the explosion the city will need me he replies.
    Peter blacks out and is able to see an event from the past. Simone's father Charles talks to Angela at his house. She tells him, "Linderman tells me Nathan will be ready to play his part." He's been wrong before, Linderman is betting on the wrong brother. "You are talking about Peter?" He explains the world needs heart, like Peter. She says he can't do it, he's weak. Nathan will be the one the world turns to. He says the explosion can be avoided. She doesn't believe it.
    Claire asks Nathan how he can let this happen? Angela says it's inevitable. Peter will blow up, but he will live.
Linderman's people come for Niki & D.L. but they get in the elevator first.

Season 2

Chapter 1 - Four Months Later…

Kaito Nakamura tells Angela Petrelli Linderman was killed

Chapter 2&3

Chapter 4
Nathan Petrelli shows a photograph to Matt Parkman of the previous generation of 12 Heroes featuring Linderman, Mr. & Mrs. Petrelli, Charles Deveaux, Bob Bishop, Mr. Parkman, Victoria & Kaito.

Chapter 5
The photograph from Chapter 4 is shown in the preview. Matt's father mentions Linderman.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7
Bob says, "We all have our roles to play." Nathan says that's what Linderman used to say. Later in Bob's office Nathan is looking at files of the 12 families and says he knows all the families like Linderman. This implies Linderman has unseen relatives. Bob explains to him about Adam and Nathan says he sounds a lot like Linderman. Bob says he was Linderman's disciple. Nightmare D.L. tells Niki they are using her like Linderman.

Chapter 8
In the preview is the scene of Linderman shooting D.L. Bob Bishop says not to mention the death of Linderman. Linderman messed things up and they are there to fix them.

Chapter 9
The Linderman photo is shown again and Matt points him out while trying to ID them all.

Chapter 10
Adam also has a copy of the Linderman photo. He says they are the founders of The Company. Kaito also has a copy of the Linderman photo.

Chapter 11
Angela says Linderman believed in Adam. Nathan tells her that she and Linderman wanted to blow up New York.

Season 3

Chapter 0 - Countdown to the Premiere
A few clips are show - when Linderman talks to Micah, his death scene and he is mentioned during the Star Trek connection bit. He's shown outside signing autographs, giving interviews, at the party and introducing a segment.

Malcolm appears at the party and says - Hello, I'm Malcolm McDowell, Mr. Linderman on Heroes. You know one thing is for certain Heroes keeps you guessing. You never quite know what's gong to happen on this show, after all these are people with extraordinary abilities. The new season is full of shocking fun and surprises and all of it is just around the corner starting minutes from now. Here is another never before seen sneak peak of some of what's to come.

Chapter 1 - The Second Coming
Linderman visits Nathan in the hospital after Peter leaves and says, "Life is funny isn't Nathan? You are the one that healed me! "There is a divinity that shapes our ends, rough hew them how we will. It seems that you and I are meant for great things, great things indeed."
After Angela leaves Linderman watches over Nathan.

Chapter 2 - The Butterfly Effect
After Tracy leaves Nathan's hospital room Linderman appears. "Interesting meeting. That woman is not Niki Sanders, that's Tracy Strauss just like she said and the offer she made is quite a legitimate. Perhaps there is a reason for that, someone familiar looking offering you the chance of a lifetime. This is god's plan. Nathan…"
Later Linderman is playing chess with Nathan in the room. "You made the right choice my boy taking the senate seat. Of course you are. She can't see me Nathan, no one can except you, did I not mention that? Now whose turn was it again?" From the nurse's POV he is not there.
In the preview of the upcoming season Linderman is shown with Daphne.

Chapter 3 - One of Us, One of Them
Daphne says her boss just pays her to get certain items. Linderman is the boss which was shown in last week's preview.

Chapter 4 - I Am Become Death
Linderman is in Nathan's officer as an aide shows Nathan pictures of furniture to choose from.
"Take the John Foster it sends the right message. You know I thought you'd be enjoying this, you are a senator back in the seat of power where you belong, able to do god's work. What's the real problem here Nathan? That's a problem? No, nothing that obvious. The shooting that you so miraculously survived, come on Nathan healing, flying isn't that the work of angels? If I remember correctly you did too. I want to help you, first as senator, then president. The greater the fall the grander the ascension isn't that what you always wanted? Trust me this is the path to salvation."
Tracy resigns and Linderman warns Nathan in his office.
"You must pray for guidance, this is your path, you are just going to have to trust me Nathan, you must help her."
Four years ahead - Peter says to Nathan in the hospital you've been manipulated before by Linderman you were going to blow up New York.

Chapter 5 - Angels and Monsters
Intro - Nathan is taking direction from a vision - Linderman.
Nathan is at home and goes to the fridge and Linderman appears saying, "Did I Startle you? Whatever makes you happy Nathan. You mean Tracy? And you were there to save her, now I suppose you are wondering why, was it luck, coincidence, perhaps guidance from a higher power? Moses saw a burning bush, Mary heard the angels, god came to Samuel in his dreams. You think the answers to your questions are somehow outside of you Nathan, but god resides from within, answers will come to you." He stops when Tracy appears.
Linderman meets with Daphne at Pinehearst Company, but no one else can see him.
"How to you feel about recruiting? An organization for a new world order. Daphne you and I are standing on the precipice for real change, a world where people like you are embraced, your gifts acknowledged and respected, not ignored. You'd like to be part of a world where you can really be somebody wouldn't you? There are others like you out there, just invite them to join us. All you need to know is right there. They've merely lost their way, it's time for us to give them purpose."
Later outside at night Linderman is waiting for Daphne.
"You are late, have you completed our task? Well it's all part of making the world a better place Daphne, no pain no gain. There is another one for you must recruit, I'm afraid he's going to be the most difficult. He has the ability to read your mind, put thoughts into your head, make you see things that aren't there. It's not your concern Daphne, just bring me Parkman."
Parkman's father tells Mr. Petrelli who is on life support that he's giving visions of Linderman to Nathan.

Chapter 6 - Dying in the Light
The business card Linderman has Daphne give out reads:
Pinehearst Company
26877 Century Dr
Fort Lee NJ 07024
Linderman meets with Daphne at JFK airport in New York and says, "That would be a mistake my dear, are we not paying you enough money? Daphne you and I have discussed this before. Oh dear, that's a shame, you have done so much for us, we've done so much for you. So much that we couldn't do any more if you were to leave. Let's keep that lapse of judgment to ourselves, shall we. Look! There's your next assignment." Then Matt Parkman comes down to her.

Chapter 7 - Eris Quod Sum (I am what you will be)
Linderman is not in this episode. Maury was most likely killed off which means no more projections of Linderman unless Arthur or Matt do it.

Chapter 8 - Villains
18 months ago - at Arthur and Angela's 41st anniversary party.
To Arthur: My king, my queen, congratulations. Congratulations.
So Nathan are the rumors true? I heard your office is going to offer a full-scale investigation of all things Linderman. Good one.
What do you see in there Arthur? Well I'm sure I can handle the heat. If he starts investigating he's going to see your hand behind every enterprise I've been working on for the past 25 years. Maybe you can convince him to back off. So what do we do? What happens if that doesn't take?
One year ago.
Arthur: I really wish you'd hand off the Linderman case to another DA.
Nathan: Linderman is toxic to this family. Nothing would make happier than to bury him in a very deep hole for a very long time.
Nathan to Arthur in the hospital: It was Linderman's guys who ran me off the road. You invite that man into our home and Heidi will never walk again. I'm going to hurt that man and if you are standing next to him when I do you'll get hurt too.
Angela: Arthur what about what Nathan said about Linderman?
Arthur: You can't be serious, Linderman wouldn't dare go after my son alone.
Angela: Did you order Linderman to kill Nathan?
Arthur: No.
At Arthur's house: I'm sorry Arthur I don't know how he survived that crash. Maybe we should rethink this. I mean a second attempt is bound to look suspicious and who knows how Angela is going to react. No, not abort, no. Postpone. No, not necessarily. You are right Arthur, we should finish this. I know a guy in Montreal, he worked for me in Vegas, he's good. I can fly him down tonight. (He comes in as Angela pulls a knife on Arthur.)
Later: Ummm, that smells good. Almost as good as my pot pies. Yes, he is. The question is Angela what isn't on yours? Look dear, it wasn't an easy decision to come, but believe it or not I still have a shred of morality left in me somewhere. I can no longer stand by and watch him destroy you like this. I can't push a thought into your head Angela, but I can heal the scars. From all the times he's forced his thoughts, erased your memories, each time leaves its mark, a trace of damaged tissue. Arthur is betraying you in the most heinous way possible. He's going to kill your son. I can heal the scars Angela, but you have to decide if you want to live in blind obedience or do you want to know the truth? (She lets him heal her)

Chapter 9 - It's Coming
Arthur tells Nathan everything in the last 2 weeks has been pushing him toward his role including Linderman.
Nathan tells him that's the same thing Linderman said.

Chapter 10&11 - The Eclipse Part I & II

My Reviews

Chapter 18 - Parasite

    I found out about Malcolm being on the show when the first 9 episodes already aired, so there wasn't a way to get caught up. I started recording them every week and then waited for his first episode to see what I thought. If it was good, I would go back and watch them. If not, I would just watch the Malcolm episodes. I was pleasantly surprised, the show was very good, so now I am going back and watching what I have to fill in the blanks. Hopefully they will rerun more of them on the Sci-Fi Channel with the break they are taking.
    There are many characters, so it takes a while to get a feel for them all. Malcolm's character is mainly tied to Nathan, to a lesser extent Hiro who only wants to get a sword from him and Niki/Jessica who is working for him recently. The show is very well filmed, no horrible camera angles or jumping shots or bad angles. It has a serious tone as well, no cheesy dialog or bad puns which is also good.
    Linderman has always been lurking in the background as a very powerful figure, but this is the first time we see him. If you expected to see him be some mean, crazed, demonic or violent figure you were given something completely different. He is just an old man working in the kitchen of his own hotel and interested in food. Far from an emperor of some evil empire. There isn't even a group of hangers on around him, no yes men. He is probably the person you'd least expect to see in the one scene he is in. He does have some profound things to say, shows no fear and gives some revelations. I watched the scene three times to transcribe it exactly and the line about not having his pot pie made me laugh every time. The difference between being happy and having a life of meaning was also profound. You can't live in the past or dwell on the future. He shows no fear because maybe he can't be killed, we have no idea what his powers are, maybe something like Claire? If not, then like an architect he knows his subjects so well he can tell what they will do before they do it. Was he lying to Nathan about the future? In Peter's future of the New York City bomb there are election posters for Nathan, so it is along the lines of possibility. But a man powerful enough to influence elections right to the White House? Well, what is he doing in some well lit kitchen and not a war room somewhere. Malcolm plays the role brilliantly being totally convincing in what he says, even if he is lying.
    The interesting thing is Malcolm has to film his three episodes the same time as Halloween, so how he looks here is how he will look in the movie. He has short white hair and a white beard. I wonder if there will be some inside joke about Loomis in a future episode. I liked how they threw in one of Kubrick's famous trademarks - putting in the CRM-114 somewhere in the show. In this case on a computer screen.
    I liked the show a lot, even if Malcolm wasn't there it would be worth watching, but with his involvement, it's that much more special and something you shouldn't miss. I can't wait to see what Linderman is up to and what he'll do next. My only complaint is them hiding his role in the show. If they said in the beginning he would be on and what his role would be I could've watched it from the beginning.

Rating: 9.25/10

Chapter 19 - .07% 

    Linderman is all over this episode, unlike the one scene in the last one. In the intro we are treated to Linderman narrating on what is to come, which is far superior to just the usual rehashing of what went on before. Smart move by the writers. Then the very first scene reveals that Linderman owns multiple casinos in Vegas when he shows Nathan his art collection. He reveals his plan is to either let the bomb go off in New York or to create one. Since only .07% of the population will die, it isn't really that much. He wants to turn Nathan into the Heroes equivalent of Rudy Guiliani after 9/11. He's to lead the city during it's darkest times and will shoot up the political ladder instantly. Nathan is horrified and also reminds him that Peter is the bomb. Linderman doesn't confirm that he is, saying he'll be useful after the election. I've thought all along that Sylar is the bomb, he'll take too many powers and overload, but we'll see. Then Linderman proves he knows what he's talking about when it comes to powers like the heroes have. He is able to bring a dying plant back to life with his hand. It remains to be seen if he can heal himself like Claire as in the comic he can heal others who are wounded. He also reveals an interesting tidbit when he mentions the paintings come from artists. So it's not just Isaac painting the future. Now with him dead, maybe another painter will step forward.
    D.L. is dead on when he warns Jessica that Micah isn't safe as long as they are in debt to Linderman. Soon after Linderman does have him. We know Micah's talent is with machines and electronics. I wonder if Linderman will have him activate a suitcase nuke or a missile to detonate in New York.
    Linderman meets his second character when he has Jessica brought in. She can't believe she is actually seeing him face to face. He asks for Micah, but she absolutely refuses. He tells her it wasn't really a request. She should know better, but she still walks out.
Matt reveals a Linderman secret that I suspected, that Bennett's company is owned by Linderman. The real surprise is that Bennett had no idea. Talk about black ops. To prove Matt is right we see Candice at the Paper company in the beginning and later impersonating Jessica for Linderman. This means we could get a scene of Linderman and Thompson and a possible showdown with Bennett and Linderman. Bennett also reveals his power to Matt. He had it hidden only partially revealing it to Matt earlier, but it seemed as Matt was just reading his mind. I don't think Bennett is lying about the tracking system being in New York, but why would it be with the Paper company in Texas and Linderman in Vegas? I wonder if he knew Claire would be heading to New York. Either way this puts three more characters in NYC heading toward the finale.
    Nathan calls him a criminal, D.L. calls him a gangster and Matt calls him a mobster just in this episode. He is so much more that it makes me wonder if he just puts up a mobster front to mask his true intentions, so no one would expect how powerful he really is. He also mentions there were others in his age range with powers. Who are they and are any left alive? Nathan's father perhaps? In the comic he isn't shown to have any powers. Thompson most likely. This also opens the doors for a flashback of the old heroes or even a prequel story arc with them.
    Malcolm is still playing it low key, basically the opposite of what you'd think a gangster would be and a very far cry from his Gangster No. 1 role. He didn't have any funny lines, but we did learn he has more ties to the main characters, basically everyone but Mohinder. It's very cool for him to be the puppet master on a show that is hugely popular like this. I like what he's doing, but I keep waiting for him to explode in the way he's so great at, but so far it hasn't come. Wait until someone screws him over. Even the night before the show was given a TV Land Award as a Future Classic. That's cool, but they should wait to see how season 1 turns out first before bestowing that honor and no, Malcolm wasn't at the ceremony.
    By the time this episode aired I had seen them all so I'm up to speed on everything that is going on making it a much more enjoyable experience. I'm enjoying it and hope the finale turns out well, not something cheap. I think the only cheap part was in articles they were saying heroes are going to die and then Peter shows up dead. There was no way I believed it when he took Claire's power and Linderman said he would be useful after the election. I wonder if their deaths will be used in the future to get or out of tight spots where they can come back to life later.
    Next week's episode is 5 years in the future, so there's no Linderman, he's supposed to return before the finale. We're going to have to wait a month to see him again, damn. Kring wants him in the show more, so we can only hope for more in season 2 which it guaranteed to happen in the fall. But with all his movie roles, he'll only be able to squeeze little bits in here and there.

Rating: 9.5/10

Chapter 22 - Landslide

    This is the first time we see Linderman out of Vegas when he goes to visit Nathan. There was no reason for him to do this except to show a nice side when he heals Heidi. I think he was trying to win her over, but she is too ignorant to see it. Nathan's eyes show he knows what is going on, but doesn't want to say. It looks like he's afraid to let his wife know there are people with powers out there, including himself. I guess she wasn't aware when Peter died a few weeks back either. Linderman also confirms what I've suspected for a while, his old friend who is Nathan's father also had some sort of power. Maybe he made some sort of promise to take care of his family after he died. The weird thing is Linderman calls him weak and Nathan says he was my hero. Why isn't he angry for insulting his dead father? Unless deep down he knew it was true or he's so in debt to Linderman he doesn't dare question him. This means they must be the most powerful family on the planet with the dad, mother Angela, Nathan, Peter, Claire and her mom Meredith all having powers.
    Surprisingly Candice knows Linderman's plan when talking to Micah. By her not being kept in the dark shows enormous trust in her. Maybe she is related to him somehow? She says he will heal the world, but we know after 9/11 that the world only came together for a sort amount of time. When it came time to fight back and do something about it, certain people started hating us again. So it must be something else. By getting Nathan into the White House, he will really own him. He knows all his secrets and still has the tape of him having sex with Jessica that will ruin his marriage and his career. Even if he is truly dead his company will still have the tape and his secrets, maybe if Candice is his daughter she can take over.
    He meets with Micah, knows all about his ability and if he does this job for him his family will be set up for life. Later he tells D.L. their whole relationship was built to create Micah. A massive genetic engineering project to make a boy with his powers. I'm not sure how a woman with super strength and a man who can walk through walls can equal someone who can control machines. How did he know there would be computerized voting machines in the future? If there were, how could he know they'd be in the district where Nathan was running. Maybe Linderman helped create the machines, but if he did he could've installed a back door to tamper with them, but that could leave a paper trail. It also shows how far back Linderman has been preparing for the election. It opens up a flashback plotline for showing them getting together by him pulling the strings.
    Hiro's father also reveals he was one of the previous generation of heroes. Though he doesn't come right out and say it, he must be linked to Linderman just like Nathan's father and his mother. That sets up four people from the previous generation for next season.
Linderman delivers on his promise to make sure Nathan would win the election with Micah providing the fix. While it was a brilliant plan, the whole thing seems too quick and clean. No flags are raised when suddenly many thousands of votes suddenly switch? He couldn't just create votes for Nathan without linking them to a real voter. Suddenly Nathan is at 36% of the vote, then an instant later he's at 64%!? No on would ever except that. Anyone who pays any attention to elections in this country knows that it takes hours and hours to decide an election. It takes time to count the votes, recount them and all precincts have to close and report in. When Nathan sees the results change on his computer it's still daytime. In New York polls close at night, 8 or 9, sometimes later. There's no opponent anywhere who wouldn't be question the results and demand an explanation when someone suddenly shifts in the polls instantly by 28%. It would've been more realistic if he was up higher the whole way or it was a gradual increase in votes. This seems to have been the original plan when Candice said they have to do the same thing at 12 precincts. Micah said he could do it all from there. Letting a child suddenly lead was not a good idea after Linderman prepared for this for years. To just dump all the votes from one place at one time was pure sloppiness in writing and in the master plan unless Micah did it hoping it wouldn't work, but is he that smart?
    Then a large teamup occurs with Jessica, D.L., Parkman and Mr. Bennet arrive to stop Linderman. I knew the tracking system wasn't what it seemed and it turns out I was right, it is not some super computer or technology, it is Molly who Parkman saved from Sylar much earlier. Mr. Bennet knew it was a person, not a child. He didn't hesitate to pull the trigger on Thompson, so by him not shooting Molly, means he won't do it. They all need her if they want to stop Sylar and with Thompson gone they can make sure she doesn't use her power for evil.
    Linderman seems surprised to see Jessica, but wouldn't he have some sort of security alert when she entered the building? Or even one outside of his office. They seem to have just gone right in the front door, up the elevator and into his office. They didn't show D.L. walking through walls. Either way he talks his way out of it by offering Jessica many millions to take out D.L. and take off and she's ready to do it. Suddenly she shifts back to Niki and Linderman doesn't understand. This also doesn't make sense. If he hand picked her and basically created her, then how does he not know about her other side? He said in .07% he met Niki and now Jessica, so he knows the deal. How was Niki just magically able to take over with no major struggle, just "I'm back." Too easy. Linderman also reveals he believes this is his destiny to do what he's done, like he had no choice, it was what he was meant to do.
    Linderman goes down and is mostly likely dead. He can heal others, he can't regenerate like Claire. Malcolm and Tim Kring have said he's coming back though, so that leads me to believe the next season will be about the previous generation of heroes to start with.
There's quite a bit of Linderman here, but it's a shame he won't be in the finale. Four characters die, at least it looks like it with D.L. on his way out not knowing Linderman could've healed him, so it would seem like a trick to get the killing of main characters out of the way by the finale. We see Linderman interact with Nathan, Heidi, Candice, Micah, D.L., Jessica and Niki here, so he is still all over the place and the puppet master. The problem is everything was too quick and the election fix was so unbelievable. I don't know what happened to the character of Hana who was introduced in the graphic novel and was supposed to appear in the series to shut Linderman down. Maybe she will arrive to help stop the bomb, but she was barely introduced to Ted once and to just drop her in the last episode wouldn't work so well. The other thing I'm not sure about is the bomb is supposed to go off a couple of days after the election? How will that work? Nathan wouldn't actually take office until the next January, so he wouldn't even be in power to make a difference. They would have to wait a few months unless the seat he ran for was empty from a death we didn't know about.
    It was a good episode except that Linderman is gone and the sloppy writing with the election. Also Hiro does a Highlander rip off sword training session for only an hour and now he's ready to fight Sylar!? Plus at the end Nathan announces he wishes his brother was there because he loves the city more than anyone. Huh!? In the last speech that he mentioned Peter he said he tried to kill himself, so who would believe someone who didn't want to live would love his city? Malcolm was at his calm wicked best, especially when D.L. was choking him and he pointed and whispered to Jessica "Open the bag" like he was casually sharing a secret between old friends. The ending was very well done as Nathan was making his acceptance speech about how everyone needs to pull together to make a difference and the edited it together with clips of what each hero was up to.

Rating 7/10

Chapter 23 - How to Stop an Exploding Man

    Technically Linderman was in the episode, though he was dead. Angela also confirms that he was murdered making it official that he wasn't able to heal himself. But with Hiro and Peter being able to time travel he can always come back. We also learn that Simon's father could be one of the previous generation of Heroes tied to Linderman.
    As for the finale, it was like they didn't know how to end it finally deciding ending it by staring season 2 by showing a couple of minutes. While different, Hiro back in feudal Japan isn't must see. Hiro trapped in a flaming pit in Hell would've been more exciting.
In the last episode Peter was able to stop the heat build up, then in this episode he blacked out when he got hot. After he woke up, no problem. Then the last time he says he can't stop it, yet he's able to stand there for quite a while not getting much hotter. Why did Nathan need to fly him away? Peter CAN fly too. That's just lame writing, he could fly himself away. Or why not just have Nathan drop him in the East River or Atlantic ocean? And wouldn't a nuclear style blast above the city create fallout? What would be the problem with shooting him and he just healing up later? The whole thing seemed like a setup to make Nathan a good guy before killing him. The whole thing just dragged out and was fairly weak with Sylar just dropping pretty quick. I expect this would happen, too much hype and build up to lead to a weak finally. That's why I warned about TV Land giving them an award as a future classic, wait until they proved themselves in ONE season first. There seemed to be some kind of evil release of something that crawled out of the fountain that no one saw, but it was tough to see. Maybe a demon escaped Sylar and that's what made him evil in the first place and it can jump into someone else just as fast.
    Season 2 or Volume 2 as they call it is a done deal and they are working to make it happen faster with less breaks because people lose interest fast. I'll definitely be watching since Linderman could pop up now and then, but I hope next season doesn't fall into another cheap, quick, easy ending. It's bad when the last 2 episodes are the weakest, it should be the opposite. All the ones leading up to it were excellent making it seem to me those were written in advance and they just rushed the ending not sure what to do.

Rating 5/10

Season 2

Linderman had no new scenes. He was only shown lying on the ground dead or mentioned from time to time and shown in a photo.

Season 3

Countdown to the Premiere

    This one hour special before the season 3 premiere is totally conflicted. On the one hand they are standing around patting themselves on the back saying how amazing popular they are all around the world and on the other hand are desperately recapping what happened before and trying to convince you the show is still cool. They should've been apologizing for the awful unwatchable mess that season 2 was, but not a single person did. Interestingly creator Tim Kring was nowhere to be found. One noticeable huge omission was when they included all the characters who were involved with Star Trek and totally left out Nichelle Nichols, maybe they don't want to remind us of season 2 that much?
    We see Malcolm on the red carpet and inside the party, the he suddenly introduces a clip. Before I was making fun of how bad the others were, especially Mohinder, when they were badly reading their cards. Then Malcolm steps up and was totally stuff and emotionless, I never saw him look so uncomfortable on camera. He read it just as bad as all the others did and it seems like a bad sign for things to come with this show.

Rating: 0/10

The Second Coming

Malcolm is definitely back for a scene late in the show when he visits Nathan. This makes Nathan thing he healed him and maybe he has. Or maybe when he was given Claire's blood  it was able to replicate inside or stayed enough to allow him to regenerate. Linderman then quotes Hamlet from Shakespeare saying it is their fate to be together this way. Later he watches over Nathan. He seems like Number 6 in Battlestar Galactica, like he's only in Nathan's head. It's good to see Malcolm back on TV, but the show is descending into the depths of awfulness with no end in sight. Ever since right before the finale of season 1 it's been heading downhill. Season 2 was an abortion, there was nothing good about it and Season 3 is keeping on this path. The show really deserves to be cancelled and the ratings for this episode were down 25% from last year and it was the lowest rated episode they ever had. People are staying away in droves, they just don't care anymore and if this is supposed to be the big ass kicking episode to bring people back into the fold then they failed miserably. The writing is so bad, it's like a Mad Libs version of scriptwriting 101, you can call the stuff in advance and if you can't it's because it is so ridiculous.

Rating: 1/10

The Butterfly Effect

Malcolm gets two scenes this time. So Niki is back, but isn't, she's some kind of identical twin or clone. Linderman confirms she isn't Niki and since she worked for him this is an indication that she could be something he created. Then he indicates that it had to be someone familiar gong back to his mention of fate in the first episode. Then he talks about god like all this planning is out of his hands. Isn't he god among the special people pulling all the strings and have ties to all of them? Then he is back playing chess with Nathan which is a good metaphor for the character - the chessmaster. He then confirms what I thought, that he isn't really there. So is he dead? Is he an Obi-Wan Kenobi type spirit to offer him guidance on his journey? In the preview of the upcoming season Linderman is shown with Daphne and since she is alive in the present time then he must be. So does he have the invisibility power as well as the healing one? Not that I care really because the show is still bad and there are no signs of it improving. The big 3 hour event turned out to be a real bust. I have read Malcolm was in 5 episodes which leaves only 3 to go, so it will be painful hanging on through one lousy episode after another just to see him. Has a show ever fallen so hard so fast? To go from great in the first season to unwatchable in Season 2 where they did nothing right? They had 9 months off with the writers strike, so you would think they had plenty of time to correct all the mistakes they made yet again, but instead they just keep on making them like they have no clue with what they are doing.

Rating: 1/10

Angels and Monsters

    This is the best episode of the season so far, though that's not really saying much. It had the most Linderman since his first season 1 scene and had a couple good scenes in it. He appears right away in Nathan's apartment with Tracy in the other room and she doesn't see him, just hears Nathan talking. He works on convincing Nathan that he's doing god's work, Tracy is a sign in his life and god is coming to him. He is inside of him with the answers. He doesn't go so far to call himself an angel, but it's implied that he's a holy messenger and angel is in the episode title. Later Linderman appears for the first time to someone besides Nathan. Does he have the power to return to anyone with powers? We learn that he is the one Daphne is working for to steal the treasures from. Now he wants her to help him recruit other people with powers to the dark side. He tries to appeal to her sense of belonging, to be with others like her, but she has no interest, she just wants the money. She's the Han Solo, the mercenary for hire. Looks like if someone comes to her with a better offer she can be one of the good guys. At least she isn't interacting with Hiro only, that plot is totally stupid, he could just go back in time and stop her from ripping him off. Now he's become the Jar Jar Binks of the show, the walking stereotype who just screws up everything to provide comic relief. 
    Linderman appears a third time, this time to tell her to get Parkman. We already know that isn't going to work since Parkman has had a vision of her and they are married four years in the future when she finally gets a decent hair style AKA not one from Tank Girl. Of course history always changes on the show, but we know they have to end up together. We also learn that it is a trick, Linderman really isn't there. She can't understand how he could come to her when she is so fast and touches him for the first time and is able to pass right through him.
    In the end we learn the whole thing is a complete scam. Linderman is truly dead, he did not heal Nathan and he is not coming back. Parkman's father is the one putting his image out there by orders of Mr. Petrelli who unlike Linderman, is actually alive, but barely. He's in some kind of coma or paralysis and can only speak telepathically.
    The two good scenes are when Noah reveals he's hunting down the escapees to find one that can kill Sylar. The other was when Hiro kills Ando, of course that will be revealed to be a scam later. Otherwise the show is still awful and going downhill fast even though it was able to get 200,000 viewers back somehow.

Rating: 2/10

Dying in the Light

    The business card has a website and phone number that are real and you can check them out for some fun, but there is nothing about Linderman there. Malcolm is down to one scene and this could be it for the fake Linderman. Nathan knows his power was created in a lab, not by god and Daphne doesn't want seem to want to work for Pinehearst anymore, so he won't be able to get through to them. His scene is really to only keep Daphne from leaving and to convince Parkman to join them, But Matt already knows they are together in the future and the more Daphne sees, the less she likes the company, just like Han Solo being in it for the money, but coming around in the end.
    Most surprising is for the first time in years we have what felt like a real episode. A character died, one came back from the dead, another lost his powers and another doesn't want his powers anymore. Hiro is still acting like one of the Three Stooges, but it was fun to see him get hit in the head with a shovel twice, because he deserves it.

Rating: 4/10


    This is the episode we've all been waiting for, some backstory on Linderman. Still going back farther than the first episode of the show would've been better, some insight into who the character is, what makes him tick, how he got so powerful, etc. The only problem is they have now completely, totally destroyed everything about the character that made him cool. They forgot Linderman was THE badass on the show, the one who linked everyone together and was all powerful until he was just easily killed. This was true all the way up to Season 3 when he was exploited cheaply to fool characters and viewers that he might be powerful enough to survive death. Now the once big bad villain is just a sidecar to the Arthur Petrelli juggernaut. It's Arthur who is the main badguy pulling the strings and Linderman is just his lapdog, his yes man. The whole premise of this prequel episode is just a complete sham anyway and is the lowest, cheapest form of writing that can be penned. They took all the new characters and interweaved them into the original story including scenes we already saw like they were there all the time and we just didn't see them.
    I don't see how the show could get any worse. The Jump the Shark moment was when TV Land awarded them the "Future Classic" award BEFORE season 1 was even finished. I knew that was it because they hadn't even put together 1 good season and were already slapping themselves on the back. They joked about being on for 22 years and only Micah would be left from Season 1, well in Season 3 he's already gone, they haven't figures anything out for him to do. Then the season 1 finale ended with a fizzle. Season 2 featured the worst writing imaginable turning the main characters into nuisances or worst, just plain boring and adding characters so bad that you wished them dead. Even worse we were promised they learned from all their mistakes and were going to perfect them all in season 2. What the hell happened? Instead it was like writers were hired who never saw the show before. Mercifully the strike came and euthanized the season that was on life support. If it had gone on the show deservedly would've been cancelled. I wish it was. 
    Once again with Season 3 it was a new start to learn from even more mistakes, but there were too many to fix. Dead characters can just keep returning, hey just call them someone else. Niki's dead, guess what she has a twin sister, hell she has 2! Even worse we learn that these so called special people, well most aren't really special at all they were grown in a lab or their powers were added to them. The premiere was the lowest rated show ever. The damage is done, people aren't coming back. I knew Malcolm had signed up for at least 5 episodes, so I was screwed. I didn't want to watch anymore. Week after week people are leaving the show in the 100s of 1000s, the bloodletting has to stop. It seems they are spending more time on their online content and fringe crap than the actual show. I get it, you aren't interested in the show, it's just the tool to sell all the other junk It's like why George Lucas doesn't care if he releases one bad Star Wars movie after another (4 in a row since 1999) it's because that's just the starter fuse to make the real money on merchandizing, it doesn't matter if it's crap, it's not the real point anymore.  Just get rid of it already. It's not worth the price they are playing to put it on the air. The writing is bad, the acting is over the top, the filming is some of the worst I've ever seen, it's like the whole season was filmed with a single lightbulb found in Edison's shop. The whole channel of NBC is ruining every show they touch, Heroes is getting lower and lower ratings each week and they are saying it's the highest rated show they have besides sports!? Can a whole channel go off the air for killing everything they touch like Knight Rider, American Gladiators, etc.? They spent a fortune to air the Olympics for weeks pushing aside everything else, so why don't they just become a mainstream sports channel?
    The question isn't whether the show can be saved, it should it be saved and if it was would anyone watch? The answer is no.

Rating: 0/10


Linderman action figure
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