17th Annual Florida Film Festival

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Press Release


Winter Park, FL - Full Sail University (www.fullsail.edu) is proud to present Malcolm McDowell, as guest speaker for the 17th Annual Florida Film Festival. The Festival brings the best in cutting-edge current cinema to Central Florida from March 28 through April 6, with screenings being held at both the Enzian Theater and Regal Cinemas Winter Park Village 20. McDowell will be participating in a unique conversation-style moderated discussion at the Full Sail Film Showcase on Wednesday, April 2, 2:30pm - 4:00pm at Regal Cinemas. Hosted by Full Sail's Program Director for Film, Dave Franko, McDowell will be sharing industry insights as well as answering questions directly from the audience.
    "We are honored to have Malcolm McDowell join us at the Florida Film Festival," said Dave Franko, Program Director for Film. "It is such a privilege to have an incredible talent such as Malcolm to offer his insight and industry knowledge to students and guests alike."
"We are thrilled that Full Sail is bringing the legendary Malcolm McDowell to this year's festival goers," said Shanon Larimer, Executive Director.


Orlando Sentinel Notes on the FL film festival 4/2/08
    Liverpool was playing his beloved Arsenal today "Stinking Clive Owen is AT the game. And he's for Liverpool." He also talked about The Collection, Peter O'Toole on the set of Caligula, Gangster No. 1 and a dinner with Gore Vidal and Princess Margaret. He kept picking on some guy in the front row taking notes of what he said in a public space. "You can't listen to what they (the critics) say about you. You can't. It's temporary. Just ENJOY it." On whether the endings of if... and A Clockwork Orange were tampered with by the filmmakers. "Those were real filmmakers then. Not studio hires. I hear a question like that and I have to smile."
Lindsay Anderson is the only genius I ever worked with. His advice on whipping together the script of O Lucky Man..."Construction, construction, construction. Anyone can write dialogue, you young screenwriters. It's the construction of the story that matters."
The reason he did Cat People - "I got to act a scene backward. Fascinating process."
He took a dig at Star Trek "endless coverage shots from every angle...MTV, worst thing to ever happen to the movies."
He's not a fan of the remake of Sleuth, calling it "horrendous."
On 1979, "I made the ten best lists for Time After Time, and ten worst for Caligula that year. Not bad. It's all about having the courage to take a chance as an actor. Don't pass judgment on characters you play. And if that means you portray a lot of villains, so be it. Caligula, though, ended my career, as we know it."

He again told the story of the if…. audition. Here's just the new stuff. "This was like the final audition that was going to take me from this to I don't know, a film, oh god, I always wanted to be in a film. I always thought that's where my career would end up.
It was intuitive. I always thought I would be good in front of a camera. I was young and cocky and ridiculous, but there you are. I went in and the first thing and he said was did you read the script. No. I read the script and couldn't concentrate, in one ear and out the other. I decided to wing it, pretty much what I did with my whole career. There was blood, I didn't know who it was, it was pre-AIDS so it didn't matter. I was told later it wasn't a slap, she reached back and punched me. My eyes were watering, you may call it tears. My head was throbbing, like a boxer. That slap took me from Stratford-upon-Avon to the heights of Hollywood. Christine, I'll always love you for that."

2008 Alex D. Thrawn for www.MalcolmMcDowell.net