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This Labor Day weekend marked the 23nd annual Dragon*Con, the U.S.'s largest multi-genre convention for science-fiction, fantasy, gaming, anime and comic fandom. For four days, hordes of costumed con-goers took over several city blocks of downtown Atlanta to revel in all things geeky.

Interesting event now that he died 8 months after: This first-time event, taking place Sunday evening, will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Inspired by the zombie movie-spoofing video, this “Thriller” dance will feature more than just the living dead, as Stormtroopers, vampires, steampunks and various other costumed dancers rise to the occasion. Regardless of whether the record attempt is successful, this is sure to be one of the convention's more entertaining events for participants and spectators alike.



Malcolm speaking and laughing during at a panel
Malcolm speaking

Malcolm standing

Malcolm signing

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