The End is Nigh
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Character Actor
Dr. Marcus Kane Malcolm McDowell
Vagrant Girl Caryn Peterson
Nurse Adeola Ariyo
Katherine Sinclair Emma Cleasby
Young Eden Sinclair Christine Tomlinson 
David/Gimp Vernon Willemse
Hot Dog Victim Paul Hyett
Sergeant #1 Daniel Read
Pilot Karl Thaning
Soldier #1/Johnson Stephen Hughes
Wall Guard Jason Cope
Soldier Ryan Kruger
Patient "X" Nathan Wheatley
DDS Assault Trooper Cecil Carter
Richter Jeremy Crutchley
Major Eden Sinclair Rhona Mitra
John Michaelson Tom Fairfoot
Afro Girl Eloise Cupido
Bathtub Blonde Lily Anderson
Pin Stripe Az Abrahams
Chief Bill Nelson Bob Hoskins
Prime Minister John Hatcher Alexander Siddig
Michael Canaris David O'Hara
Captain Hendrix Jon Falkow 
George Dutton John Carson
Jane Harris Nathalie Boltt
Command Centre Official Susan Danford
Sgt. Norton Adrian Lester
Chandler Rick Warden
Read Nora-Jane Noone
Carpenter Les Simpson
Stevie Miller Chris Robson
Dr. Talbot Sean Pertwee
Dr. Ben Stirling Darren Morfitt
Starved Girl Alessia Ramazzotti
Carpenter's Bat Attacker Shaamilla Noordien
Viper Lee-Anne Liebenberg
Sol Craig Conway
Cellar Jailer Nicholas Pauling
Cellar Guard Riaz Solker
Cally MyAnna Buring
DJ Porteus Xandau Steenkamp
Drop Dead Girl/Podium Marauder #1 Axelle Carolyn
Podium Marauder #2 Benedict Carver
Joshua Martin Compston
Telamon Henie Bosman
Chancellor Falco Cal Macaninch
DDS Guard Martin Ball
Pit Audience Member Tyrell Kemlo 
Pin Stripe's Security #1 Garry George
Pin Stripe's Security #2 George Bailey
Command Center Guard Dermot Brogan

Directed & Written by Neil Marshall


Neil Marshall imagines a wild 'Doomsday'
By Gina Piccalo, Los Angeles Times 3/13/08
"It's pretty dense, isn't it?. With this one, it was like opening the doors and filming in these grand open fields. I think I was really just wallowing in the scale of it." Rogue co-president and executive producer, Andrew Rona, was sold on "Doomsday" based on the title, the concept and an over-the-phone pitch. "It was an homage to some of my favorite movies," said Rona.
    "Doomsday's" rigorous shoot took place in Cape Town, South Africa, and Glasgow, Scotland, involving thousands of extras, a series of grand pyrotechnics and complex fight scenes. After Marshall saw the sleek Aston Martin DBS in "Casino Royale," he decided he wanted a super-sexy car in his film too. So the producers ordered three new Bentleys at $150,000 a pop.
    One of the Bentleys skidded backward over a 40-foot cliff, miraculously landing in a riverbed on all four wheels, injuring none of the four stuntmen inside. Earlier that same day, Marshall and his crew had to evacuate a tunnel when a generator caught fire. In the end, the production's only serious injury was a broken nose.
    The inspiration for the script, as Marshall described it, came from some creative free-thinking. He spent years traveling along the English-Scottish border, puzzling over Hadrian's Wall, which the ancient Romans built to keep out Scottish tribes. He often wondered: "What circumstances would exist whereby that wall would be rebuilt?" Answer: A flesh-eating virus in Scotland that spreads in 2008 like the common cold, prompting England to fortify its border and leave everyone behind the wall to die.
    Marshall took that idea and added one of his other preoccupations: The image of futuristic soldiers facing off with a knight on horseback. But, Marshall asked himself, how could he create that scenario without introducing time travel? Answer: Twenty-five years after the plague, the virus turns up in London. In a desperate search for a cure, the British send the steely agent Eden Sinclair to confront the survivors and find a cure.
    Puzzled again, Marshall wondered: What would survivors have done for 30 years? Answer: Form a society of punk-rock cannibals in Glasgow, while cultivating a medieval kingdom of "pure-bloods" at Black Ness castle in Edinburgh.
    True, the reasoning is a little squirrelly. But Marshall was on a roll. And he believes that the sci-fi action junkies of the world will appreciate the extreme measures he's undertaken to deliver a spectacularly unique movie experience. "I didn't want to get into the logic too much," he said. Yes, he added, some of the worlds he created are "so outrageous you've got to laugh. I do think it's going to divide audiences...I just want them to be thrilled and enthralled. I want them to be overwhelmed by the imagery they've seen. And go back and see it again."

Doomsday director's gory vision
BBC 8/23/07
Horror director Neil Marshall is showing footage from his latest film, Doomsday, at Frightfest, the UK's fantasy and horror movie festival, on Thursday. "It first came about with this idea that I had for these futuristic soldiers encountering a knight in armor on a horse in the woods somewhere," says Marshall. "I thought that would make a great image for a movie, but under what context could I possibly do that?" The story, that has taken five years to reach the filming stage, sees Hadrian's Wall rebuilt and Scotland quarantined to contain a deadly virus.
    "The heroes are captured and put in the castle dungeon, and one of them has to face a gladiatorial trial in the arena. It's basically an execution, but dragged out for entertainment. Even in medieval-land they like a bit of gratuitous violence. I can't resist splashing the blood around. I'm out to make a hard-hitting, gruesome action movie. When you hit somebody in the head with a mace and chain, it's going to hurt."
    The movie features "real gross-out moments", says prosthetic make-up designer Paul Hyett,. "Neil said, 'It's got to be as nasty as possible'. We really wanted you to feel that if one of these guys coughed on you, you are dead. Now you can find everything on the internet - infections, diseases that people can get. It really grossed me out."
    With a $30m budget - about 10 times the amount allocated to his previous projects - Marshall admits he was initially daunted by the prospect of directing scenes with up to 700 extras. "I've only ever worked with 20 before. And having so many cameras to work with - on the bigger set-ups we've had 10 cameras. The budget is low by Hollywood standards, I've never had 10 cameras. I've never seen 10 cameras before. We're still battling exactly the same things as we were if we were doing a low-budget film. We're trying to do a $100m movie for $30m, instead of trying to do a $30m movie for $3m. So we're always pushing the schedule, up against it all the time, and trying to be creative in making things on a budget.

Shocktillyoudrop 8/14/07
In the spring of '08, Rogue Pictures will release Marshall's anticipated Doomsday, a film that is a slice of Miller's The Road Warrior and "a bit of John Carpenter as well. The two main inspirations for this are 'Warrior' and 'Escape from New York.' It wears that on its sleeve quite blatantly," says Marshall. "The story came about six years ago, an amalgamation of ideas. I grew up in Newcastle then I moved to Carlisle which is at opposite ends of Hadrian's Wall in the UK. I used to drive along the ruins of it and it just occurred to me what situation would have to occur to have that wall rebuilt in the future. Then the virus thing came into it. And I had this vision, this image of these futuristic soldiers versus this knight in armor and what situation might allow that to happen without it being a time travel movie."
    These random swatches of inspiration are exactly what the Comic-Con crowd comes to witness in Rogue's Doomsday presentation lightly touching on the fact that it's a movie about a unit in search of a cure, led by actress Rhona Mitra, that infiltrates a virus-ravaged Scotland years after it is walled off from the rest of the UK. And as Marshall promises, it's a bit of everything, from the Road Warrior-esque car chases to even a bit of John Boorman's Excalibur? "Oh, completely. There's a lot of 'Excalibur' in there, I'm a huge Gilliam fan and the Red King from 'The Fisher King.' I just threw that all into the mix. The world of 'Doomsday' just allowed us to go to town on everything and anything." And it shows, Marshall has something radical on his hands unlike anything we've seen in many years.
    It's also his biggest project to date and embarking on something like Doomsday left no room for hesitation on his part. "It's a massive film to pull off, huge scenes with extras, massive carnage, I loved it. I was just running with it and having a good time. When I went in I was just like, this is so daunting." However, he was in good company, returning from The Descent are production designer Simon Bowles and director of photography Sam McCurdy. "Everybody was taking a really big step on the scale of everything which was so much bigger."
    Bigger meant gorier, apparently. "There's definitely plenty of gore, it's an action movie so when the gore happens, it's brutal, this is an R-rated film for sure. Our makeup FX guy came up to me and said, 'You realize there are more blood and guts in this film than there were in 'The Descent?' We've got severed heads, exploding heads, limbs being shot off. The things that I thought would be the most challenging turned out to be the least challenging. In one of the biggest scenes we had 800 extras and it had this big song and dance number thing going on and I thought that was going to be a nightmare, but it was the easiest thing we shot. We had the lead villain Craig Conway doing his thing and all we had to do was just stand back and shoot it."

From Doomsday to Hollywood
Coreena Ford | The Sunday Sun 6/10/07

    The North actor was delighted to discover that his latest movie role sees him achieve a childhood dream...he plays a rock star. He's still a bad guy, mind you - and a cannibal too - but this one has superstar status. Craig Conway plays Sol, the leader of a renegade gang in Doomsday, a visionary sci-fi thriller by Gateshead-born director Neil Marshall. Doomsday tells the story of a crack team of soldiers who are sent into the North of England and Scotland, 30 years after the area has been walled off from the rest of the world following the outbreak of a deadly virus. Craig, 31, born in South Shields, South Tyneside, takes the main villain role and the cast is rounded off with Malcolm McDowell, Bob Hoskins, Adrian Lester and many other big names.
    While the £17m movie is set in Scotland, most of the action - bar a few scenes filmed in Glasgow - was shot in South Africa. Craig jetted to the film set days after enjoying a romantic 10-day honeymoon in the Maldives with his new wife, Waterloo Road star Jill Halfpenny...and he says the 10-week shoot was the best acting experience of his life. He said: "I will never forget it. It looks and feels like it's going to be epic and it's got everything because it's a sci-fi, a thriller, slasher movie and adventure all in one."
    The cast had a week to relax in their luxury colonial-style hotel, situated beneath Table Mountain in Cape Town, before filming started and it proved to be something of a reunion for the stars of Neil Marshall's previous films, Dog Soldiers and The Descent. Back in 2002 Neil said he wanted to follow in the footsteps of famous Westerns director John Ford by using the same ensemble cast and he's clearly stuck to his word. Local stars Chris Robson, of Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, Darren Morfitt, of Hartlepool, Leslie Simpson of Middlesbrough and Emma Cleasby from Cumbria, met up with former film buddies Sean Pertwee, Nora Jane-Noone and MyAnna Buring.
    Craig said: "It was a complete reunion. We had a week of just chatting and meeting new people like Alexander Siddig, who was in Syriana, and literally every night we spent talking and getting excited that we were on this film." Before a month of night shoots started for the cast, they were invited to one of the main sets in downtown Cape Town. Craig said: "They had all this netting over the town hall to make it look like it had been overgrown by trees. There were burnt out cars, hundreds of people standing about, cranes 100ft up and loads of cameras. I have never experienced the scale of that kind of film-making."
    Being involved in a movie of such size may have been new but some things never change...hours and hours in the make-up chair every day. "It was another three hours at a time. Brilliant," said Craig with a sarcastic shrug. "For my costume I've got a lot of fake tattoos, a few scars, jewelry, a wonderful hair piece and an overall rock 'n' roll look, with no top, tight leather pants and a pair of really cool boots. I showed Jill photos and she liked it a lot."
    His character Sol is the leader of the Marauders, a punk army left behind in plague-ridden Scotland who are fighting for freedom, and his dad Kane is played by Malcolm McDowell. Bob Hoskins plays the leader of the good guys who come up against the Marauders. Craig said: "Sol's a psychopath but Neil's given him a heart...he's a revolutionary really. Malcolm playing my dad was very cool and I've never played a cool part in my life. I only bumped into Bob a few times but we all had a meal in Glasgow and they are both funny, witty charming men who are really passionate about the project."
    Craig remembers his first scene vividly. He said: "I was taken to Ratanga Junction, a theme park with an amphitheatre which the film had made to look like an old abandoned theatre and my character Sol comes out and does a stage show for his army. The only thing in the script was "Sol enters. He is a rock star" I walked onto this huge stage to the Fine Young Cannibals track Good Thing and 700 extras were there all going absolutely mental.
    "On stage with me were two pole dancers, eight big burly blokes dressed as Celts and we all had a bit of a rock concert. I gave my speech, did some stage diving was every single young boy's fantasy that I lived out. I will never forget it. And there's Neil just sitting there laughing, looking at me as if to say `this is what I've done'."
    In true Hollywood style, Craig had an on-set trailer to relax in between shooting scenes. He said: "We each got one. Inside there's a little bed, a settee, a sink, a TV and DVD player...but my make up took so long to put on that I was never in the trailer long." Craig had an "incredible" stunt double but was allowed to do many of his own stunts. He said: "One of the best stunts I did was being strapped to the top of a Bentley, traveling at 80mph, while trying to fight with the driver...just brilliant!"
    The actor is now back home in Northumberland with Jill, but the couple jet to Los Angeles in July where he hopes to capitalize on his Doomsday experience. Craig said: "I'm going to see people and have a look at what it's like. I don't for one minute think I'm going to become a Hollywood star but when you do a project like Doomsday there's an opportunity that I may be able to take small character roles. It's movieland. I want to see it. Even if nothing comes of it we'll have a good holiday."
    Doomsday will be out in spring 2008.

Action film shot in Blackness
Alan Roden | Scotsman 5/2/07

An action thriller is being filmed at a Lothian castle. The producers of Doomsday are using Blackness Castle near Linlithgow for key scenes in the futuristic movie. Both the interior and exterior of Blackness Castle will feature in the film, and fight scenes are being played out at the ten-day shoot - which started yesterday. The building, which will appear on screen as an unnamed Scottish castle, has been closed to the public for a fortnight to allow the shoot to go ahead.
    Nick Finnigan, Historic Scotland's filming and events manager, said: "In view of the size and scale of the production, the decision was made to grant the film crew exclusive access to the castle for a short period. We look forward to welcoming visitors back to Blackness Castle when it re-opens on May 14." National Lottery funding was secured by the producers to ensure some filming of the international feature took place in the UK. Scottish Culture Minister Patricia Ferguson was also involved from the outset.
    Celia Stevenson of Scottish Screen said: "It is thanks to the close relationship we have with Historic Scotland and the Glasgow Film Office that we have pulled this off in face of fierce competition from other countries keen to attract such major filming." Built in the 15th century by one of Scotland's most powerful families, the Crichtons, Blackness Castle was once a garrison fortress and state prison.

Classic Lines

Kane: How dare they send you here? They started this fire, they can burn in it.


Sunday Herald with Malcolm 5/11/08

UGO: It looks like Doomsday gives big nods to classic post-apocalyptic action movies like Escape from New York and Mad Max. Did you consciously set out to pay homage to these two movies or did it just come out that way in the writing?

Neil Marshall: That was deliberate from the start. I kind of wore that on my sleeve from the moment I walked into the pitch meeting. "These are the films that inspired this one." And, you know, I want to make a film that harks back to that style of filmmaking which is very raw and gritty and full of stunts.

UGO: You're obviously a big John Carpenter fan. Do you have favorite John Carpenter moment?

NM: I always loved the ending of The Thing.

UGO: With the two guys left?

NM: Yeah. "Let's just sit here a while and see what happens." That just kind of still sticks in my mind. And Escape from New York, pretty much every frame in Escape from New York. His films have just been such an inspiration to me that it's very difficult to pick moments from them per se. But I just love the whole lot.

UGO: There's been a wealth of super-viruses in movies lately. For the cynical viewer, what's the Reaper virus got that the Rage in 28 Days Later doesn't?

NM: Well, it kills people for a start. These other viruses, they're lightweights. They don't even kill anybody. They drive them a bit mad, but they don't kill anybody. Even in things like I am Legend or whatever, it doesn't kill everybody. Some people have been infected, and they survive -- quite how, I'm not sure. But, no, if you've got the Reaper Virus, you die a very, very horrible death. Your internal organs liquidize, and you bleed from every orifice. And, basically, you rot from the inside out.

UGO: Speaking of viruses, I wanted to talk about the overuse of CGI in movies these days. One of the things I like most about your films, from Dog Soldiers to The Descent, is you seem to prefer the old school rubber and latex "guys in monster suits" method.

NM: It's very much a personal preference. I always quote Ridley Scott on this. He says, "If you can do it in camera, do it in camera because it will always stand the test of time." And his films are a testament to that. You know, Blade Runner, it was models and miniatures, but it was all in camera, and it stands up to this day -- it's phenomenal.

UGO: What was it like working with Malcolm McDowell and Bob Hoskins after having worked with lesser known actors in your first two films?

NM: I was daunted at first. These guys have got a hell of a reputation. You know, I've been watching their movies for 20 years. So it was a bit scary. But they made my job so much easier because they're seasoned pros. They love what they do, and they're not out to make my life difficult. Sadly, they didn't have a scene together.

UGO: I saw that a Frankie Goes To Hollywood song ("Two Tribes") is on the Doomsday soundtrack.

NM: As soon as I came up with the idea for the car chase in this movie, I knew I wanted to have that track on the car chase. It was just like the ultimate car chase post-apocalyptic movie music to me.


1st week of March 2008 four TV spots are released. Malcolm is not in any of them.


Director Neil Marshall (The Descent) was at San Diego Comic-Con to present the teaser trailer, narrated by Malcolm McDowell, for his forthcoming post-apocalyptic thriller Doomsday.

Clockwork Orange star enters Scotland's Doomsday scenario
Brian Pendreigh | Scotsman 5/6/07

    McDowell, now 63, has been recruited to play a character who rules like a medieval king in the post-apocalyptic thriller Doomsday. In the £15m film, Scotland has been cut off from the outside world for about 30 years, following the outbreak of a deadly virus, caused by genetic tampering. Hadrian's Wall has been rebuilt to keep the Scots out of England. But the Scots have a cure for the virus, and when England is threatened by a new outbreak, a crack military team goes over the wall to get it, led by Nip/Tuck's Rhona Mitra.
    Writer-director Neil Marshall, whose previous hits include the horror movie The Descent, said: "She goes through from the wall up to Glasgow and then farther north. The farther north she gets, the more back in time she goes. It's like a Heart of Darkness journey. There's a Kurtz character running a feudal society and living in a castle. He used to be a scientist - he's the guy who found the cure and he's taken on this kind of God-like stature up there."
    McDowell's character Kane was inspired by Kurtz, the renegade military officer who sets himself up as a local despot in Joseph Conrad's African novel Heart of Darkness. The book was also the inspiration for the film Apocalypse Now, with Marlon Brando. Marshall knew he needed someone special in the role of Kane and had hoped to tempt Sir Sean Connery back for one more film in his homeland, before beginning an extensive search for an alternative. Filming was well under way in South Africa before a decision was made - Marshall decided to shoot mostly in and around Cape Town on cost grounds. However, he is now in Scotland and is filming in the Glasgow area and at Blackness Castle, near Bo'ness.


    Malcolm McDowell has joined the cast of Rogue Pictures' action thriller Doomsday, which is in its final month of principal photography under writer/director Neil (The Descent, Dog Soldiers) Marshall. He'll play Kane, the brilliant scientist who is the only true expert on the lethal Reaper virus that an elite group of specialists (led by Eden [Rhona Mitra] and monitored by Nelson [Bob Hoskins]) is battling through what one character calls hell on earth to retrieve a cure for.
    In Doomsday, a lethal virus spreads throughout a major country and kills hundreds of thousands. To contain the newly identified Reaper, the authorities brutally quarantine the country as it succumbs to fear and chaos. The literal walling-off works for three decades - until Reaper violently resurfaces in a major city. An elite group of specialists, including Eden Sinclair (Mitra), is urgently dispatched into the still-quarantined country to retrieve a cure by any means necessary. Shut off from the rest of the world, the unit must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare.



Poster featuring Dr. Kane
Kane sitting at his desk

Kane talking to 2 men


"I got to work with Malcolm McDowell and play with a bow and arrow. If a Robin Hood film is coming up, I want in there. Malcolm was everything you'd expect - really down-to-earth. You can sit and listen to him for hours. He's a great raconteur. There was a sense of awe when he came on set but he doesn't throw his ego about." Cal Macaninch 5/26/08

"The part was wonderful, Kane was a great character. To put it in Shakespearean terms it's a mixture between Macbeth and King Lear. Even though it's a sci-fi character, here we are in the middle ages, so that's kinda fun. I mean it's very imaginative." Malcolm on set

The team Sinclair goes into Scotland with is made up of soldiers and scientists. The scientists are played by Sean Pertwee and Darren Morfitt from "Dog Soldiers." The soldiers are Chris Robson, also of "Dog Soldiers," and Nora-Jane Noone of "The Descent." They all go up over this wall and into a world presided over by Kane (Malcolm McDowell), a scientist who got trapped behind the wall during the quarantine. His son, a character named Sol, played by Craig Conway is at war with his father. And these two tribes are at battle. - Neil Marshall 3/10/08

I'm in London doing a movie called Doomsday with Alexander Siddig, who is my nephew and a very good actor. He told me they wanted me to do it, so I did. Next, I'm on my way to the Cannes Film Festival to show my tribute to the great director Lindsay Anderson, who was very important in my life, and a man I loved dearly. I can't believe they invited me to show it at Cannes. It's absolutely extraordinary for me, but there you are. - Malcolm 5/07


CD Cover

Press Release

March marks Doomsday for Lakeshore Records
Label to release the soundtrack for Doomsday
Composed by Tyler Bates

(March 4, 2008- Los Angeles, CA) - Lakeshore Records will release the original motion picture soundtrack for Doomsday on March 18th. The album features original music by Tyler Bates and songs by Adam and the Ants, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Ariel Rechtshaid (former member of The Hippos).
    With more than forty film and TV scores to his credit, Tyler Bates' inventive style has become associated with projects like Rob Zombie's Halloween, The Devil's Rejects, and the upcoming release of the animated feature The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. Bates also composed for director Zack Snyder's blockbuster hits 300 and Dawn Of The Dead.
    Following the 1997 Atlantic Records album release of his band Pet, Bates began focusing on scoring for movies and television. He continues to score Showtime's dark comedy Californication (starring David Duchovney). His 2008 projects include two major films to be released later this year, watchmen (directed by Zack Snyder) and the day the earth stood still (a remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic).
The Lakeshore Records soundtrack recording features the original score by Tyler Bates plus three songs, "Dog Eat Dog" by Adam and the Ants, "Two Tribes" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Ariel Rechtshaid's modernized version of "The Can Can".
    In the action-packed new thriller Doomsday, from writer/director Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers), authorities brutally quarantine a country as it succumbs to fear and chaos when a virus strikes. The literal walling-off works for three decades--until the dreaded Reaper virus violently resurfaces in a major city. An elite group of specialists, captained by Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra), is urgently dispatched into the still-quarantined country to retrieve a cure by any means necessary. Shut off from the rest of the world, the unit must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare
    Rogue Pictures presents Doomsday, in theaters on March 14. The Lakeshore Records recording will be available on March 18, 2008.

Track List
1. Adam and The Ants - Dog Eat Dog
2. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes
3. Tyler Bates - Prologue
4. Tyler Bates - Exodus
5. Tyler Bates - Boat
6. Tyler Bates - Piss & Vinegar
7. Tyler Bates - Block 41
8. Tyler Bates -  Itís Medieval Out There
9. Tyler Bates -  Hospital Battle
10. Tyler Bates - Strung Up
11. Tyler Bates - Sinclair Slips Free
12. Tyler Bates - Sword Fight
13. Tyler Bates - Train Escape
14. Tyler Bates - Train to Kane
15. Tyler Bates - Tolamon
16. Tyler Bates - Captured
17. Tyler Bates - Prime Suicide
18. Tyler Bates - Same Shit Different Era
19. Tyler Bates - Slayer
20. Tyler Bates -  Finish Her Off!
21. Tyler Bates - Bentley Escape
22. Tyler Bates - Headless Love
23. Ariel Rechtshaid - The Can Can


Neil Marshall 1/3/08
    One of the things I was adamant about doing with Doomsday was going back to a kind of gritty stunt/action movie that doesn't get made anymore. Real people, in a real world, doing really REALLY dangerous stuff! No green screen, no wires, just crazy stunts standing on, jumping into, and hanging out of cars traveling at 80mph and smashing into each other! Stunts SA I salute you! When I wanted to crash and roll a 10 ton armored transport (one of two we designed and built especially for the movie), they hadn't done anything like that before, but were perfectly happy to give it a try, and it worked spectacularly!
    We exploded countless pyros in the center of Cape Town, in the middle of the night. We closed down the city center (to stage a frantic foot/bus/motorbike chase) on a Saturday afternoon! We took over a major theme park, dressed it as the villains lair (playing host to a twisted Moulin Rouge-style stage show and a spot of brutal human sacrifice!) and filled it with a thousand screaming extras, waving baseball bats, hanging from the rafters and generally baying for blood. They had a lot of fun that night, and so did we. What I thought was going to be the most difficult sequence to shoot turned out to be relatively easy. Also, Axelle makes the first of her two cameo appearances in the movie in this sequence, dressed as one of the punk marauders. She also plays an infected plague victim later in the movie.
    We commandeered a Russian freighter in dry dock to film the opening shoot-out, a steam train for an escape sequence, and a derelict slaughterhouse to stage an elaborate 10 min action sequence that'll leave you breathless and shell shocked, and we did it all for real.
The last 3 weeks we spent entirely on the massive car chase that comes near the end of the movie. I've never had so long to film one sequence, but we needed the time. Every day featured at least one or two complicated and highly dangerous stunts or pyro effects. It was a blast, tearing along on the tracking vehicle with our fleet of specially 'mutilated' vehicles hot on our tail. Each day threw new challenges and new risks our way. We had a few extremely close calls, but luckily nobody got injured.
In May we flew back to the UK for the last week of filming in Glasgow and the highlands, where most of the story is actually set. The main bulk of that involved a savage trial by combat scene in the courtyard of Blackness Castle. The finale of this sequence involves an explosion ripping through the castle, and I remember our Irish FX supervisor had a very charming and cool way about him. Rather be all gung-ho and cue the explosion with a loud "Green for go!" or "Hit it!", he simply and calmly spoke to the man with his finger on the button and said "Blow up the castle." It was the perfect way to end the shoot. We wrapped right on schedule and under budget.
    Our virus is back to basics. The real deal. It kills people. Pure and simple. As lethal and effective as a virus really is. Okay, so it rots you from the outside in, covering the victim with weeping soars and dripping pustules and liquefies the internal organs, but the end result die. And you don't come back.


The End is Nigh
Mankind has an expiration date


Trailer A - Released 1/15/08, time: 2:28
Sol: This is the end of the world!
Text - 2008
Announcer:  It was an epidemic unlike any other. Within days millions were infected, within weeks they were forced togetherÖ
Containment is our absolute priority. Blockade all bridges, streets and rail links.
Announcer: Öand then left to die.
Text - 2033
Announcer: but 25 years after the outbreakÖ
Canaris: It's the virus, it's back.
Announcer: Öcontainment has failed.
Bill: What the hell are we going to do? 
Canaris: What I'm about to show you is highly confidential.
Bill: Survivors?
Canaris: Inside the hot zone. And if there are survivors, there must be a cure.
Bill: You are going in there and if there's such a thing as hell on earth, this is it.
Eden: I know what we are looking for. If it's there, I'll find it. I'm in.
Bill: Once you are over that wall, there's no system, no rules, no cure.
Announcer: To find a cureÖ
Bill: We are against the clock on this one.
Announcer: Öthey must return to the world, they left behind.
Soldier: How the hell are we supposed to find anything in this mess? 
Miller: I'll know when I see it.
Sol: This is our city! We are going to catch 'em, hook 'em and eat themmmmm!
Announcer: From Rogue Pictures
Kane: How dare they send you here? They started this fire, they can burn in it.
Announcer: From the director of The Descent
She looks dangerous.
Cally: She is.
Announcer: This SpringÖ
We are losing our city. It's pretty grim and it's going to get a whole lot worse.
Announcer: A new dark ageÖ
Eden: Have you found the cure?
Kane: Abandon any such hope.
Eden: No.
Announcer: Öwill dawn.
Eden: Nice color, I'll take it. Hold on. 
Stirling: So close. 
Eden: You think? (scream)
Canaris: Rough ride? 
Eden: Rough enough.

Four TV spots are released 3/08

Relentless (15 seconds) 
Sol: Who are you and where have you come from? 
Announcer: On March 14th...
Eden: There's something you don't see every day
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Doomsday. Rated R

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Sol: This is our city. Whoever they send here, we're going to give them hell.
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Doomsday starts March 14th

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Sol: This is the end of the world
Eden: Come on
Text: Prepare for Doomsday
Announcer: Doomsday starts March 14th

My Summary

    April 2008, the reaper virus breaks out in Glasgow, Scotland. It kills fast, horribly and people start to riot, so a wall is built between the UK and Scotland to contain the spread and guns are brought in to polish off any who get in the way. Thousands press against the massive metal wall screaming for help. The last army helicopter out is stopped by Katherine who wants to get on with her daughter Eden who has been shot in the eye. They tell her to get back, to step away, they are too heavy. One solider, Johnson, says to wait. He gets off and lets Eden take his place amongst the protests of his comrades. Katherine says it will be OK and gives her a letter. Johnson is rushed by the crowd and mows down people until he can't anymore and the chopper takes off.
    Kane narrates "The wall stood 30 feet high, clad in steel armor plating, following the line of ancient Rome's frontier 2000 years before. Spanning 80 miles east coast to west, cutting Britain in half, coastal waters were mined and patrolled. The skies were declared a no-fly zone. Orders were given to shoot down any aircraft in violation of the quarantine. The idea was simple, nobody came out, nobody went in. They needn't worry about the second part. Those abandoned within the quarantined zone were left to die. The social order decayed along with the corpses. The streets ran with blood as the people fought to stay alive, the bodies burned in the 1000s. Looting, rape and murder became rife. Fires spread as the cities were plundered and the last to die became primal savages feeding on dogs, rats and finally on each other. As the weeks turned to months the funeral pyres faded and died. In time all the lights burned out and died, consigning the country north of the wall first to memory and eventually to history. Just as the government turned it's back on the hot zone, so the rest of the world turned it's back on Britain. With 100s of 1000s unemployed, homeless and destitute, the situation has reached its breaking point. It now remains only a matter of time before the laws of nature seek to redress the balance."
    2035 (today) Major Eden Sinclair of the Department of Domestic Security (DDS) is on a mission with her team. She has a removable prosthetic eye she uses as a camera connected to her watch so she can see around corners. She throws it down the hall. There is some sort of deal going down, possibly for drugs. A group on a ship are making a sale for what's in a metal case. When the agents start shooting they think they've been sold out and start shooting the ones they are making the deal with. A topless woman in a bathtub is thought to be innocent and told to shush, then she pulls a shotgun and shoots the agent. Sinclair comes in and finishes her off. Pin Stripe and Afro Girl try to make their way out with the case. The girl is killed and Pin takes Richter hostage at gunpoint to get Sinclair to back off. She doesn't and forces him back. Pin hits his foot against the bulkhead and accidentally shoots him in the head killing him and she finishes him off.
    Chief Nelson, Sinclair's boss meets her after, she pops her eye back in and he can't get used it. She wants a cigarette, he wants her to get her own since they cost so much. That's why she gets them from him. He asks what happened in there. She pushes a button and a disc pops out of her watch, she hands it to him and says see for yourself and wonders what happened to the good cause. She looks at the letter her mom gave her, still carrying it after all these years in a ziplock bag. She can't remember what her mom looks like, all she has is a name and address of a place she can't go. He watched her fight her way up the ranks, she's is full of piss & vinegar, if she keeps carrying on this way she's going to be seriously screwed up. He wants her to go home and get some rest.
    A similar DDS team raids a house and finds a room full of people dying of the reaper virus and yells to get back.
    Canaris who is the right hand man of the prime minister is told about it. He briefs Prime Minister Hatcher that the virus is back.
    Nelson is called in and wants to know why he's called back in the middle of the night. It's for a briefing with the PM.
    Jane shows a computer mockup of London and says in 2023 when rising tide waters threatened to flood the city they extended the Thames flood barrier. It encircles the entire city like a moat. The plan is to flood them all to contain the city and put it under lock and key. This means cutting off 12 million, but they want to contain it and implement martial law. Set up containment, medical and begin evacuation. Nelson says it's no good to pack people in their homes to wait, drop a virus into that and it's all over, murder, rape and the death toll will be incredible and there's nothing they can do about it. Canaris says it will save millions. Nelson wonders if that's people or pound notes.
Canaris asks Nelson to meet with him in Hatcher's office. He explains they put a satellite up to take pictures of Glasgow after the virus broke out. Nothing happened, it was empty like you'd expect, until 3 years ago when survivors showed up. If there are survivors, there is a cure. They have a team, they need someone to lead it and go in find a cure and bring it to them. Nelson says they might not find them in time and they still might be contagious. That's what they are going to find out. Nelson is mad he's known this for 3 years and hid it. Hatcher says if he turned up with a survivor yesterday they would've strung him up. Now if he has one and a cure, they won't care about the survivor, but they'll kiss his ass. They need his best man and 48 hours to do it. He agrees and has someone in mind.
    Nelson meets Sinclair in the rain, tells her to get in the car and briefs her. She wants to know how long they knew survivors were out there. He says long enough, it doesn't matter. It does to her. He says it's not a personal quest, focus on the mission. Who is behind it? Hatcher is in charge, but Canaris pulls the strings, not someone you want to pick a fight with. This could bring the whole system down, but Canaris won't let it happen. When you are over the wall there's no backup, no rules. She likes it better that way. She goes, then comes back and hands him the letter from her mom to hold. She gets on the helicopter with Canaris and wants a cigarette. He doesn't have one and it's not allowed. He explains Dr. Marcus Kane was leading the research into the virus when the gates were closed. He was trapped in the hot zone, his lab is in the quarantine area inside Glasgow, if anyone was capable of finding a cure it was him. Start there. She'll have 2 APCs to go in. Why not fly? It's still a no fly zone, it has to be as quiet as possible. She says if she doesn't get out, no one will know she's in. He says she has 46 hours and gives her a GPS so they can pick her up with a gunship when they have the cure. What if I don't find anything? Don't bother to come back.
    In London people are starting to riot. Hatcher wants to know what to do. Canaris says it's their fault. Too many people packed together created the perfect environment for the virus. If she doesn't succeed they have a chance to fix this. Battlefield rules - let the dying die. With the whole world watching? With a lie this big they can get away with anything.
    Sinclair lands near the wall. Sgt. Norton says welcome to 'No man's Land.' She asks why it's called that. Because south of the wall there's no one for 20 miles. What about the sentries that man the guns? They've been automated for 20 years. They only deal with wildlife now. Then a rabbit pops out and is blasted. Her team arrived 2 hours ago and are loading the gear. She gets a file on Kane and Chandler shows her the APCs. She asks where they got them. Carpenter is working on them, says they are the last 2 left the rest were turned to scrap. She's shown the weapons and hi tech bio suits they are getting. It's surprisingly all front line weaponry, but no one has a problem with it. She meets with two doctors Talbot & Stirling who were the last to work on the virus, but they were shut down before they could find a cure. They hope the trip is worth it. She says someone thinks so.
    They load up and head to the wall. The iron locks have to be torched off all the way up before they can be opened. They go through and the locks are welded shut behind them. The guns are turned off and they hit the roads, which are clear, though signs are vandalized. Suddenly they hit something and stop. Miller checks it out, it was a cow, there's a whole herd of them all around. Sinclair says they suppressed information from getting out of the hot zone and plays a tape of Kane saying, "I don't know if we can stay here much longer. Morality has abandoned these people." He dug in with a group of stranded soldiers and broadcast regular reports over the army frequency. "The fires have spread, the power supply is dwindling, our food and water are running out fast. At night we can hear the distant cries of pain and anguish. They've begun to feed on each other. It's medieval out there. Ammunition is low, the barricades won't hold out much longer, our time has run out. This is Dr. Marcus Kane signing off."
    They pass by houses with big white numbers sprayed on them. Sinclair explains those were how many were inside, they were told to wait until help came. It didn't. They go through Glasgow and it's abandoned, overgrown and damaged. They arrive at the hospital with Kane's lab and get out. They remove a door, go inside and everything is smashed up as they search. They go up to the fifth floor, but have no idea what they are looking for. Only the doctor knows. He's looking for evidence of Kane's work. No one is happy about this. Outside a teenage girl appears by the APCs and they radio it in. Sinclair tells them to leave her there, do not approach. Chandler goes out and gets her anyway thinking she's sick, needs help and brings her inside against orders. She is put on a bed in a quarantine mini tent. Inside the hospital one of the men is suddenly spiked through the head with an axe. Soon the whole group is under attack by a group of marauders armed with bats and clubs. They machine gun them down by the dozens, but more appear and attack. More of the soldiers fall as they try to escape. Outside a huge group attacks the APCs. It was an ambush. Both APCs try to escape the fire bombardment and Chandler's is burning. The girl he rescued cuts her way out, comes forward to cut his throat sending him out of control and crashing as he dies. Read calls that APC 1 is down. Sinclair has a plan, they all go in the elevator that won't move, then she shoots the cable. They plummet to the ground and she drops a foam grenade, which shields their fall. They make it, but they have to shoot their way to the APC. More are hit and the front window is shot out. After they are all inside a man fires an arrow through the window and kills Read. The APC spins over and crashes. They are firing again as they exit and marauders are exploding all around them. They start to run out of ammo as Sinclair tells them where to go. Norton and Miller escape, but Sinclair is surrounded. Viper, a girl with a heavily tribal painted face arrives and says this one's for Sol and hits her instead of executing her.
    Eden wakes up in a prison cell with her hands and feet cuffed strung up in the air. Sol smashes her in the face and says he's sorry, but she keeps going on like this. He punches her in the stomach, says he's sorry again, just talk. Do you enjoy pain? He hits her again and lifts her up. Who are you and where have you come from? Did Kane send you? She asks if he said Kane. Do I need to speak louder? He bites her ear. She screams and curses and admits she came over the wall. He knew it! He knew he was lying! Who? Kane. He said there was no one left and he was their hope and salvation, but he knew he would prove him wrong. She says if Kane is alive she needs to find him. He says to save her breath, she's with them now as long as they need her. If she came over, she must have a plan to get back. They've tried it before, he's seen too many friends rush the gates and get gunned to ash. She can lead them through. He can eat her right up. He bites her lip. Kane is history, you are our passport to the promised land. She says you are going to be severely disappointed. He'll be the judge of that. Outside is a rising crowd noise. He says hear that? They are hungry, feeding time at the zoo. A man comes with a crude tray of torture devices and Sol says to leave her alive. He says nice watch to the next guy, he's wearing Sinclair's watch. On the way out Sol's sister Cally is in a cell and yells she heard and needs to talk to him. He say no time, the winds of change are blowing.
    He goes out onto a stage to music like a rockstar and is introduced by an MC over a PA system to the crazy crowd. The Boy from New York City plays and he does a routine with strippers who are dancing on poles and he smacks their asses to the beat. Then it goes into a can can dance. The crowd goes wild. Viper smashes Sinclair's GPS with her boot and leaves. Sinclair wonders what's going on out there.
    Sol says it's medium rare. Kane thought he could tell us what to do and we told him f-you. This is our city, whoever they send here we are going to catch them, cook them and eat them! One of Sinclair's men is brought out bloody tied to a towtruck while Siouxsie & the Banshee's Spellbound plays. Sol throws out plates. They set the solider on fire and cook him on a giant BBQ. They chop him up and serve him to the crowd.
    Sinclair finds the GPS beyond repair, but is able to find a piece of metal inside to escape from the handcuffs. The guard comes over and throws a plate under Sinclair's door and says if she's hungry she can have a piece of her friend. She asks what she needs to do to get a drink and grabs the chains on his face and pulls him through the bars. She tells him to unlock the door and he does, but she kills him anyway. The man with her watch is trying to get it to work and sees himself on the dial and it's Sinclair about to kill him. She goes to leave and Cally says to free her. What are you offering? She heard him speak to Sol, don't leave me here, Sol will kill me. You have to do better than that. She can take her to Kane. You know where he is? I should, he's my father. If I find out you are lying, you'll wish you were still here.
   Before they can leave the prison hallway Viper arrives with a samurai sword and does battle with Eden who finds a sword of her own. She is in trouble until she backs Viper against Callyís cell door and she is able to hold Viper by the head allowing Eden to chop it off. She holds onto the head in fear and tells her to let go now and to move it. Eden calls Norton and tells him to meet her at the station on Queenís street.
    Sol arrives in the hall to find Viper and screams to find them.
   At the station a man is pointing a bow and arrow at Eden. Cally says you can trust her as heís part of her group. He says she looks dangerous. She is. Eden calls for Norton and they arrive soon after thinking itís clear until a couple of Solís minions come at them on motorcycles. Calís friends have an old steam train they are powering up to escape from town. They are forced to deal with the bikers as they get on the train one at a time. Eden hacks one down and tells Tommy to get down to shoot one behind him. Eden is the last one on the platform and Norton pulls her up by the arm as she is running and they are leaving the station. Sol goes into in a rage at just missing them.
   Eden asks Cally where they are talking them. Somewhere safe for the moment. Eden says they donít have time for safe, they need to get to Kane. Cally said she would help find him, but canít take them to him. Why not? Because he will kill me and if he finds out where you are from heíll kill you too. Ever since Sol left heís become suspicious of everyone. His people are too afraid to fight him and those who do are tortured or killed. You people are living proof of life beyond the wall. All of our lives he told us there was nothing out there, you being here makes him a liar. What were you doing in the city? I went to find my brother, Sol. That maniac is your brother? Norton says that is one fóked up family, man. They are at war and we are caught right in the middle.
   The train rolls through an untouched countryside. They arrive at a concrete and metal bunker entrance and Eden asks what the place is. A shortcut through the mountain, we use it all the time. Stirling says it is an old military facility or something. Whatever is was they left in a hurry and didnít even bother to lock the doors. Inside the hallway expands and goes for over a mile and is packed floor to ceiling with huge crates. What do they have in here the lost ark? Those blast doors are 12 inches thick, whatever it is somebody, somewhere wanted it safe. They come out the other side into the woods. Cally says someone is coming. Telamon, quick! Eden asks who or what is Telamon. She says they can go or stay, give me your sidearm. Norton says she really doesnít care does she? I think your plan is crap, but Iíll stay. A horse is heard, then a massive man in medieval armor is seen riding it. Eden says thereís something you donít see every day. The others run, arrows are fired and Josh is hit. Eden stares him down, then says sgt. put down your weapon, we need to get to Kane and this is the quickest way possible. He says screw it and hopes she knows what sheís doing. Telamon's men tie them all up and lead them on foot to a renaissance castle in the middle of nowhere.
   As they are led in the villagers yell at them before they are brought up to Kane. He is sitting at a large wooden desk up in a tower that makes like an office. He tells them, ďI knew theyíd be watching the cities. Thatís why we chose this place, out of sight, out of mind. I suppose it was only a matter of time before they sent someone to answer the question, Ďwhy are you alive when you should be dead?í Thatís what you want to know, isnít it?Ē A guard smashes Eden and says answer him. Something along those lines. ďLeave us. The answer is easy. In the land of the infected, the immune man is king.Ē Sir, if this is just a power trip, why stay hidden? Why not show yourselves. ďYou think we chose to cast off the apparel of our former existence? No, no, no. We didnít choose anything, we were delivered. These walls around you, they were built to last and so shall we. What we built here from the ashes is pure blood, uninfected by the outside world, until now!Ē Have you found a cure? ďAh, even now you still cling to hope. If I were you I would abandon any such thought.Ē There is always hope. ďBut, there IS no cure, there never was. We have prevailed here, not because of science, but through natural selection, survival of the fittest. We have earned the right to live here, purged of the likes of you. Take them away.Ē Eden asks donít you even want to know why we are here? The guards smack her. ďThat you are here at all is sin enough.Ē Itís the Reaper Virus, itís back. If he touches me one more time I will kill him where he stands, I swear it. The guard hits her and she takes him down. ďHow dare they send you here to the house on my hill. They started this fire, they can burn in it.Ē
   London Ė an infected man gets trough the barricade at the government building and kills the guard inside. He canít go any farther without a right palm print so he goes over with his samurai sword and cuts the guards hand off and places it on the scanner. Then it asks for a retinal scan, so he goes back and cuts his head off, then tosses it down the stairs when through.
   Upstairs Hatcher says heís losing control of the city. Canaris says itís time to get him out of there. The infected man works his way upstairs and kills some more guards. Nelson arrives in time and blows him away as Hatcher goes through the door. He says how they hell did this manÖand sees everyone is staring at him. The infected manís blood splattered on Hatcherís face. Canaris says to isolate him to his office. Hatcher doesnít understand and everyone tells him to back away. Canaris tells Nelson good shot, sounding like heís glad to have gotten rid of him. Nelson says he was trying to save him. Hatcher is now in a panic in his office.
   Kane tells them, ďYou brought impurity into our world, it must be cleansed.Ē Cally begs him and screams when they are taken away. Sinclair and Norton are led away and Norton asks her what did they call her before they called her major. Eden. Well, Eden I still think this is a shit plan.
   In Hatcherís officer he loads a gun from his desk and kills himself.
   While in a cell Kane comes to visit Eden. ďSo, tell me, whatís it like out there?Ē Do you care? ďIím curious.Ē Same shit, different era. ďSo we did the right thing then anyway, keeping ourselves to ourselves.Ē Donít you mean turning your back? You used to be a doctor. What point did you stop caring? ďI used to be an idealist. The night that they closed the gates, that night I lost everything Ė my wife, my family, you donít know the pain.Ē You chose to stay hidden, your wife and family could still be out there. Did you ever stop to think about their pain? ďI havenít slept one night in 25 years without reliving them. Who the hell are you to talk to me about pain? What the hell do you know? What did you ever lose?Ē
   The natives are getting restless. Eden has been set up for a gladiator contest with Telamon in the yard with all the villagers on top of the walls and Kane set up in a throne at one end like a Roman emperor. She is unarmed except for whatever she can pick up on the rocky ground. He comes out swinging a spear, then a mace and she has to do everything she can to defend herself and takes a few hits.
   A guard comes for Cally saying daddy wants to see you. Stirling and Norton over power the guards and head for the armory.
   Eden is still fighting for her life, but any blows she gets in arenít slowing him down. Eventually she is able to overpower him with the help of the terrain to the shock of the crowd. She says to herself Iíll tell you what Iíve lost, Iíve lost my bloody mind. She kills Telamon and Kane jumps up and says, ďExecute the prisoners, now!Ē Then Norton uses some of the grenades across the way blowing out a wall. ďMan the defenses, weíre under attack!Ē They work their way down to Eden and Kane tells a guard, ďYou. Finish her off.Ē He pulls out a longbow and Eden thinks sheís done for, but Norton shoots him in the head at the last second. Everything is chaotic and the group is able to escape on horses.
   They make it to the military bunker and send the horses off. Norton finds backup generators, Eden finds a pad with a shipping manifest and says to open a large box. Kane's guards arrive outside and orders are given to break in the door. Inside the box is a brand new Bentley auto. Eden says nice color, Iíll take it. They have to find gas, blow the doors open and a phone. She opens up another shipping crate that is full of new cell phones as the guards are breaking in and grabs a box. Stirling tells Cally to get in the car and she asks what does it do? Eden says sheíll show her as they gas it up. Norton gets the blast door open and they only have a limited time to get through. The guards shoot him with an arrow in the leg, back and chest as he tries to get back to the car.
   They escape to the open road and Eden is able to activate the phone and calls Nelson. She says she has the package and is on her way. He says she better get there quick. Hatcher is dead and Canaris is in charge. She says to put him on. Yes? If you still want your prize, track this signal. She tosses the phone to the back of the car and Canaris tells them to track it and letís go, but Nelson is to stay here. Down the road Solís men appear with an old police car that comes up and rams them with sirens blaring. After a few hits she is able to send them off a cliff to their death. Stirling says that was too close. Then bikers are in front around the corner and Sol and his whole vehicle caravan are behind them. She throws it in reverse into the middle of their pack and sends them flying to avoid them. This buys her some time, then Frankie Goes to Hollywood Ė Two Tribes plays. Sol has Viperís body propped up next to him and when they fire an arrow at Eden she hits the brakes and it goes right through Viperís head instead and when he crashes her head pops off. Sol doesnít wait for anyone else to help and instead dives right into Edenís car window and fights with them inside. Cally says he will kill him all. A fight ensues in the car between Sol and the three of them with Eden going down the seat to avoid him while still driving. They are able to get him out the door, but he hangs on to the back and tries to get in the back windshield. He hangs on to the roof as Solís men set up a bus across the road opening bottom ramps to reveal flamethrowers underneath to shoot at her. Eden goes up the ramps and is able to crash right through the passenger compartment of the bus cutting Solís head off. No one is the car is hurt. She loses the rest of the gang who canít follow.
   The helicopter with Canaris lands and Eden walks over activating her eye camera to record it. He says she had him worried for a while. Do you have it? Iíve got it. Stirling wants the medical team. Canaris says not to worry, they did a good job. Eden says to bring Cally out and to forgive him, heís very involved with his work. She understands the need to sacrifice. Canaris says theyíll be in better shape once the dust settles, once the virus has eaten away the dead flesh itís just a question of timing. She says leaving you the hero of the hour. You said you had the cure, where is it? Stirling says she is the cure, survivors are immune, we can use her blood to make a vaccine. Canaris wants him to hand her over, he says she isnít going anywhere without him. He says to back off. Eden says to go with him. He doesnít trust Canaris. She says they have no choice, thereís nothing left to bargain with, Iíve done my job, now itís your turn. Stirling says was that all it was to you, a job? Thatís right, now take her and go. Canaris says rough ride? Rough enough, especially without a cigarette. Come with me, Iíll get you all the cigarettes you want. No. Pity, I couldíve used someone like you. They fly away and she gets back in the car.
   She drives to her motherís old house, which is now filthy and goes through old pictures saying she was so beautiful. Then Nelson shows up and asks if she is OK. Never better, how did you find me? I used to be a policeman once. He returns the letter from her mom, but she doesnít need it any more. He asks if Canaris got what he wanted. He did, but she has a feeling heíll be holding onto it for a while. Heís pissed. Donít worry he gave me all the evidence you need to take him down. She pushes a button on her watch and hands him the recording she made of their final conversation. Heíll come after you. Then heíll know where he can find me. He goes to fly away and she goes into the car. He says do me one favor, drive careful.
   Back in London Nelson turns over the tape to the media who plays it all over TV with the caption Cannaris caught holding back the cure.
   She drives out to the group of Solís punks left alive and throws Solís head to them and says, ďIf you are hungry, try a piece of your friend.Ē Then a large cheer goes up. The End.

My Review

   Itís impossible to describe the film without comparing it to many that came before it. You have a virus like Outbreak or 28 days later, but it doesnít turn anyone into zombies, it just kills them. You have Escape from New York where an entire land mass is separated from the world full of unwanted people and years later a one eyed soldier has to go in there on a mission. When they go through the wall itís Aliens with soldiers only given APCs to make it around and big guns to mow down the endless amount of marauders. When they reach the first group that is a alive itís Road Warrior with violent neopunks lead by a rockstar wannabe in cars. Then like Apocalypse Now it becomes a one way trip to madness where they encounter Col Kurtz held up in the past living a like a god. It this case itís Kane whoís like a Medieval emperor. Wrap it all up with old style special effects, and only the plan of using the best elements from cult classics seems like a winner. Instead of getting a fun film, itís really just an empty imitation of the most violent third person shooter game ever made Ė a mix of Quake, Halo, Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto.
   Itís not a bad looking movie, nod a badly shot movie, not a badly acted movie, itís just a bad story. Then thereís just a confused jumble of shots. From great long panoramic country side shots, to the useless Ė an entire herd of cows blocking the road, to dark night rain shots to the so overly edited we canít see whatís going on like Sol jumping in Edensí car. It's hard to believe this is from the same director. It starts out simple enough, a killer virus breaks in Scotland out so England rebuilds Hadrianís Wall cutting Scotland off from the rest of the world and letting them die. There is no surprise when the girl with one eye who is saved for no reason at first will become the hero later on. The best part of the film is they let Malcolm narrate the explanation of the wall and you can get lost in his voice. The only problem is at the end of his speech there are things he wouldnít be able to know about how the world was so disgusted that Britain too was cut of and know 100,000s are losing their jobs and filing the streets.
   When it jumps to present day for some reason itís 27 years later, instead of 30 like it was originally in the trailer. Baby Eden is now Snake Plisken with her eye patch, but it has a secret use. She can pull out her eye just like Aughra in The Dark Crystal and uses it to see around corners and transmit images back to her watch. Itís very unclear how this works with no wires or transmitters. She puts it back in her face and somehow it connects back to her optical nerve without any kind of wiring. They never admit she can see without the watch, but it moves perfectly with her other eye. He first scene is one big mess as we never really know what the deal is Ė guns, drugs, secrets, what? Plus we get some mandatory nudity with a woman who bathes with a waterproof shotgun somehow. Then instead of Eden taking a quick kill shot she allows her partner to get blown up and films the whole thing. She should be out of a job at least. They arenít clear what her job is, some kind of homeland security, so maybe it had something to do with smuggling across the border. For no good reason she talks about her mom, except to make it painfully obvious to the dopes in the crowd this is the same girl saved from the opening.
   A similar raid across town finds the virus has returned to London. Canaris then takes over and we are never given what his title is. Heís just the minister's right hand man or the one who pulls his strings. He could lead the military, but never wears a uniform. Jane's, whomever she is, big plan is to flood around London to contain it the virus again. Then millions would die in one of the planets biggest cities. Why not just take them over the wall and dump them there like before? Nelson is the only one who sees this as a bad idea. They take him into their private office to show satellite photos of people who are alive on the other side of the wall as long as 3 years ago. This all doesnít add up. When they get over the wall everyone is in their 20s up to their 60s. There are no little kids around, so where were they before. Where they all hiding with Kane to keep hidden and Sol suddenly led the youth away to the city? No one really seemed to care or question where adult survivors suddenly appeared from. Most arenít happy the government hid it either. We also learn the prime minister is useless. But we donít know how or why he got that way. Was he only elected for his looks?
   For the second time Eden wants a cigarette, I guess this is supposed to be funny. She is briefed by Canaris himself which seems dangerous for his mysterious career Ė vice president? National Security adviser? Architect? Itís the old no win speech Ė succeed and youíll get no credit, fail and you're dead. She doesnít care though, itís her only chance to ever legally go across the wall and look for her mom.
   Then we get the introduction of the Aliens APC crew, there is a doctor, but he isnít a droid, otherwise they were only really missing a huge manly Mexican woman. The only thing sheís given is a GPS to get her out. Later Viper does activate it before smashing it, but there was no attempt for the cavalry to come to her last known position.
   Canaris sees it as a win/win situation. If Eden doesnít return home let millions die out to free up space and jobs. Hatcher doesnít seem to mind either. He doesnít explain how they will fake out the world on this. Soon the world would just cut the UK off and leave them to die.
   Another useless scene that is supposed to be funny is when Eden arrives at the automated wall and a bunny gets blown up, the only sign of life out there. I think bunnies wouldíve gotten smart in 27 years and stayed away from the wall or they too wouldíve been wiped out. Why aren't they eaten either? Another useless scene is when Eden meets the last 2 men working on the virus before the project was shot down. They join them, but it's hard to tell what they offer except Stirling survives until the end.
   One of the strangest scenes occurs soon after they breach the wall. Nothing happens, the area is clean and free from attack. Maybe the guns could cover out that far. Then they suddenly hit a cow they donít notice. Even worse they donít notice until they open the hatch that there are 1000s of cows out there. Why? To show life is coming back? Why arenít they being eaten by men or beats? Mad cow disease? They looked fine and no one says much about it, itís a big throwaway.
   Then we get our next scene of Kane, once again in voice over. This time they play a tape of him when he was broadcasting on the army radio 25 years ago to anyone who could hear his voice about what was happening like pirate radio. He also admits people have turned to cannibalism and they way he signs off makes it sound like the wolves are at the door. He never gives away that he has a plan.
   Then the film turns into Loganís Run when they reach Glasgow without incident. Now all the buildings are green from vine growth and are starting to fall apart. No one is to be found anywhere. When they reach Kaneís lab nothing happens until they are ambushed the 5th floor. Why did Solís men go all the way up there to wait? What were they doing the whole time? Just hanging out up there? They show they arenít zombies, but regular thinking people when they leave a sick looking girl for the APC crew to find, pick up and take it apart from the inside. He gets what he deserved, because Eden warned him not to take her in and he defied orders. This scene turns into a massive blood bath and because of the dark itís hard to see it all. I can imagine a body count would be quite high, maybe of 100. Iím not really accepting of the fact a foam crowd control grenade would been enough to stop their descent in an elevator, but at least it was different. Both APCs are taken out and one is damaged in an unrealistic way. One of the indestructible front windows is easily shot out so a man can simply fire an arrow in killing the driver soon after. One would only need to see the infamous Killdozer tape where one regular man did a better job of protecting and plating his own bulldozer. Surprisingly 2 men get away and arenít bothered to be chased. Eden is also easily captured alive so Viper can get off on her boyfriend Sol torturing her.
   Sol does beat her badly a few times before asking a question. Itís no big deal as she never shows any adverse affects from the brutal beating throughout the rest of the film. He thinks Kane sent her, but that doesnít really make sense and sheís the polar opposite of Kane who is living the medieval life and sheís the modern solider. He says Kane told them there was no one left outside the wall. I donít know how any one could buy that, especially when he says right after too many friends were gunned down trying to escape. Who would be flying the planes? Drones? He knows she has to have a plan to get back home and will deal with her later. Viper who says nothing, also figures it out, but instead of keeping the GPS, she smashes it. She must want to stay and play in the Road Warrior times even if it means defying Sol.
   Sol goes off to play rockstar with his boring song and dance routine that turns into a BBQ of one of Edenís men. He sure is able to cook a human fast, defying logic. They also donít explain why they cook him, maybe thatís to make sure they wonít catch the virus?
   Eden has no idea what is really going on as her cell is underground, but she can hear the insanity. She is able to pick her cuffs and easily escape. Just grabbing a guysí face piercings is enough for him to be convinced to let her out. He should have much more fear of Sol and took whatever pain he got, heís supposed to be a torturer after all. She also easily finishes off the other guard and learns the girl in the next cell is Kaneís daughter, but she doesnít reveal how she got there or that Sol is her brother yet. She decides to take her along since she has no leads at all the Kaneís whereabouts, but at least she know knows heís alive.
   Now we get the Highlander tribute scene with a sword fight that ends in decapitation. At least in Highlander there is a purpose to it, to claim the other's power. Here it is just a a mess and unnecessary. If they had done anything cool with it, not even a little Matrix rip-off. One again a reach through the cell door saves the day, just like how Eden escaped. Lucky for everyone the sgt. and the doctor were never bothered after they ran around the block and remain in instant communication as soon as Eden calls. No equipment problems and no attempts from the sgt. to try to track or find her first. Sol arrives too little too late and will spend the rest of the film in an unbridled state of rage.
   Somehow Cally also has people waiting for her at the train station. How were they in contact? How long were they going to wait for her? What is this massive plot hole that the punks don't have this main area of travel locked down, yet they hang out on the fifth floor of the hospital? Even more amazing is Cally's friends have a full sized completely working steam train ready to escape at a moments notice. Of course the punks show up on motorcycles that could run rings around the train as it lumbers along, but are really useless. It all hinges on them getting on the train at the last possible second before Sol and crew catch them. It's quick and easy and Sol lets them go. No Beyond Thunderdome cool train chase moment. He doesn't follow them at all even though they have little speed.
   Cally reveals there is some kind of civil war between Kane and Sol. Nothing ever goes anywhere with this though. And who is the mother? Who cares? Cally says she'll be killed if she goes back, it sounds like she betrayed Kane too, but claims it would be for bringing outsiders in. It can't make any sense that no one is beyond the wall. Surely people would be aware of air patrols and botched escape attempts. They can't think everything is automated? We get a scenic tour of the countryside, like a Michael Palin adventure, everything is pristine. They have a short cut to Kane, but of course Sol nor Kane knows about it!? It's the never ending military storehouse with everything they could ever want. Or course it was left untouched. The military would've just blown it on the way out at least. Later they could use a missile strike from the air if they saw people had found it. Nope, just leave it all open.
   On the other side, guess what? Someone from Kane's crew does known about the place. Instead of him behind interested in all that military hardware, he's wearing a suit of armor riding a horse. So nobody would have gotten any working firearms to take him out, especially from the military bunker? The knight doesn't get to do much because Eden surrenders to get to Kane quicker. Not a good idea.
   Finally after an hour mess of a film we get to see Malcolm. If only they started on this side of the country instead of the city. Kane is like a monk in an old castle, that has all the facilities left over from the tourist trade. The first thing he says shows he's not crazy. He always knew Britain would be watching them. He just figured they wouldn't be watching the country and was right. So the whole split with Sol might not even be what they claimed. Kane just told him to stay out of the cities, but he didn't listen. He also reveals there is cure. Well isn't that simple. He says they are all immune. How could there be so many of them? Surely he would've perfected a test to know, or at least faked one to maintain control. Eden tries to goad him with an awful line about him being on a powertrip. I guess she missed him explaining how he knew they'd be watching for survivors. At best they could be blown up, at worst all lab experiments. Then more awful dialog where she says they came because the virus is back. Why would he care? If he's immune, then he really wouldn't care. That would be great news if those outside the wall die wholesale and he could reign in power. They've all been left to die for decades, but now should want to help those who abandoned them?
    In London security has gotten so bad that one guy can just easily get into the most heavily armed building and once inside there is almost nothing to slow him down. This features the funniest scene in the film, the of the use of parts for retinal scanning, but it's not really funny or original, so it's flat. He gets far enough to splatter some infected blood on Malcolm's cousin, no one else, very convenient. I guess they haven't figured out how to test people for infection. They just lock them up and see if he dies. Hatcher doesn't bother to wait to find out or try to escape using his gun, he kills himself instead
   In Scotland they are going to do the Gladiator rip-off now. Eden has to lodge into some more stained, pitiful debate with Kane. Could she really think her empty headed barbs would sting him? She really seems to think Kane should've just been tickled pink to be locked behind the wall would just live in some utopia until the day the needed him. This writing is just plain offensive. It goes past bad.
   So now we get the medieval knight fight we missed when Eden first surrendered. We didn't miss much, nothing exciting happens during the fight. Suddenly walls start to blow out and it's not even clear way. It would've made sense if it was Sol, but somehow Norton was able to detonate explosives they either had or found. Why would Kane have them so accessible? Norton does little to get to them. Kane doesn't even have any special backup weapons or plan. No protection, nothing he uses himself, no fail safe or self destruct. He just runs off and isn't even seen again.
   They are able to escape to the bunker with enough time to lock the door rather well. With what?! And in one of the most unrealistic scenes of all time they are able to pull anything they want out of the bunker and who cares if it hasn't been touched in 25 years, it's perfectly clean, new and it all works! The car is perfect, gasoline hasn't aged at all, hell a cell phone gets instant reception, no activation required. Just turn it on and go even after decades. More bad dialog when Cally has never seen a car before and asks what it'll do. A steam train she knows though, even motorcycles so it's not a big stretch here, it's even worse when we see Sol has all kinds of cars later and she doesn't act like they are new. Only Norton gets shot up with arrows so they can make their escape. He gets hit again and again like an archery range while the others wait for the door to magically open only enough to let them through. Why shouldn't it just stay open and die after 25 of non use?
   Touch a button and Eden is on the phone with Nelson. Somebody must've kept all those cell phones towers in perfect shape for decades too. It also has a working tracker, or maybe she just hopes the government's will work all the way across the continent. She then tosses it in the back before testing it. Somehow the road is wide open and where is she going anyway? No drop point was given, no plan, no rendezvous. So the crap keeps coming. She's in one of the worlds' fastest cars, yet some old clunker of Sol's is able to easily catch them ram them. Somehow she can't figure out how to outrun them? Where is he making his own gas? How did Sol end up there anyway? He wouldn't have any idea where she would be after getting the car. Why bother? It's all just an excuse for a real weak Road Warrior style chase. It's very sad that even after 25 years they can't top it.
   Instead of bringing lots of good weapon, Sol spent more time trying to reattach Viper's head to make look whole again. He doesn't do much of a job, since it pops right off. In a surprising twist Sol doesn't even bother to let someone else to the dirty work. He just dives right into Eden's window without much plan. Good thing the window was down all the way too. I wish I could tell you what happened, but the editing is the worst of the film and it's all a blur. He gets tossed out somehow, then manages to hang on somewhere in the back. Instead of doing any other useful attack, he just rides the roof of the car until she crashes it through his bus. He is decapitated, but the car suffers little damage easily ramping right through a fortified bus like KITT from Knight Rider. Even better they aren't hurt and now the road behind them is blocked from further pursuit. A clean and painless getaway. Of course the bus is destroyed.
   Bizarrely Canaris flies right out to her. I still don't know what he really does in the film except be the generic bad guy. He seems to be setting her up for a double cross, but then doesn't seem to care if she works for him or not from then on in. He has no problem telling her he's in no hurry to cure the virus, a little cleaning out of the dead wool so to speak. Get rid of lots of the weak and it'll be easier to rebuild. Once again no threat to her life over this career ending info, after all, who can she tell if she's staying behind the wall? Still too much of a risk. Stirling wants a medical team, but what for? No one was hurt and it's a little late now. He forgets about it and then decides he agrees with Kane. She is immune, case closed. Some proof of that might be nice. And the cure is so simple, just use her blood - cured! How does that work? So someone who doesn't have lung cancer can magically cure someone who does just by their blood? Eden still wants those cigarettes and it's Canaris's big lure back, but she decides to stay. I mean how hard could it be to find some punks to roll there own tobacco if all the technology in the world left behind still works?
   Eden goes home seemingly to think her mom will just be waiting there with tea. Super Mario Nelson then just appears near instantly. So much for the no fly zone. She isn't startled or aware. What if it was a group of Sol's thugs hunting her down? The whole scene is to reveal that Eden recorded Canaris's conversation, in case we didn't see her turn the watch on before talking to him. If Nelson didn't show up how did she ever plan on sneaking it out? Probably computers still work behind the wall.
   So Canaris is in trouble, fired or whatever, but the city is rioting and he'll probably be killed no matter what. Then again London probably doesn't know who he is either. Eden then goes back out to the countryside to locate Sol's head so she can bring it back to his minions. In case they hadn't gathered it themselves? They all know he is dead. I would think this would piss them off greatly, but for some reason they like that. Plus she gets to recycle the line they gave her after the BBQ. Is she their new leader? Who cares? If they had ripped her to shreds and ate her raw it could've saved the film a little bit.
   I knew going in that the film would be a mish mosh of classic films and that isn't a bad thing. It sounded like it would be cool, but where did it all go wrong? Like Rob Zombie, Neil Marshall is on his third film here. I hadn't seen the other two (and will not be doing so now), so I had no idea what to expect stylewise. He's an OK director, suited more to video games or music videos then feature length films. The problem is he also wrote the film and as a scriptwriter he is just awful, one of the worst. He can't even figure out how to write a single joke! There is nothing witty to be found anywhere, nothing new, exciting or interesting. This is ripe for satire, instead he's more interested in the body count and blood bath. The film is rated R, but seems aimed at 12-14 year olds, therefore the film has no audience. The target age is locked out by law.
    I went in thinking I was just going to have some mindless fun, but instead there was no fun, just an assault on the senses that emptied you of emotion. If Malcolm wasn't in it I would've never gone of course, but I would've walked out if someone had taken me there. It was hard enough to stay to wait for his meager scenes, and there aren't enough. He's like a ghost. He appears in voice along the way, then when we finally see him, we don't know how real he is. He makes comments, disappears and comes back for the kill, then fades away. If at the end there was some scene where he escaped the wall or anything, at least that would've a conclusion to get behind. It's like they never had anything for him to do. He never had a conclusion as a character. He didn't even a real character. They say his men are too scared of him, what!? They are only the old left. He starts out really cool on the voice over and I love that, by the the time he arrives and starts to act cool and weird, it's over before he gets a chance to sink his teeth into the role. Maybe there was a large chunk of deleted scenes for the castle.
   It was fun to see Malcolm's nephew, even though they weren't together. His role was also a throwaway and he had nothing to do. As he gets older you can see Malcolm in him a little. Super Mario Hoskins isn't given much to do either. His job title is also a bit out there, like an old police chief in charge of the national security. Craig Conway while also playing the lame character Sol gives one of the most high energy performances I've ever seen, like he was pumped full of steroids 24/7. It didn't help the story, but it was insane to look at. All the other characters are so small and useless and hard to keep track off. Once the military is attacked it's hard to tell which character is which. None of them really add anything, even Norton who survives only seems to want to criticize Eden's unknown plans. Stirling the doctor is also useless because he doesn't even act like a doctor so you can't tell what he's up to the whole time, he's just there and adds nothing. Rhona I'd never seen before and she is the star of the film. Of course this is very bad because she can't hold a film. She just doesn't have a personality to relate to. She doesn't care about anything, including if she gets her team killed. This doesn't inspire you to want to watch her. I guess there are people who would think she's sexy in her tight outfit, but she doesn't show any skin, so there is nothing to knock you out with her looks, she's basically plain, did nothing for me and her accent was annoying.
    I guess the only good thing I can say about it was it has a good soundtrack. Tyler who just did Halloween with Malcolm is back. It's mostly instrumental with only a handful of cool 80s alternative thrown in. No horrible current music is a plus.
    In conclusion, never see this film, don't go, don't waste your money. Even if you can get a DVD there won't be anything to see. It's hard to believe it's even worse than Halloween. The virus in the movie almost comes out to suck your spirit away. It's a big empty nothing that will just suck your brain out and you need your brain, don't let Doomsday kill it.

Rating: 0/10 (I could give it a 0.25 for the music and a couple of Malcolm's lines)

Together Again

1975 - Malcolm and Bob Hoskins were both in Royal Flash.

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