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Character Actor
Guest Cast
Darren Vogel Malcolm McDowell
Bruce Enright Paul Blackthorne
Cpt. Chris Sutter William Forsythe
Olivia Burch Sheri Moon Zombie
Coop Daly Michael Madsen
Leslie Stone Kristina Klebe
Photo Assistant Jeff Daniel Phillips
Regular Cast
Lt. Horatio Caine David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne Emily Procter
Eric Delko Adam Rodriguez
Jesse Cardoza Eddie Cibrian
Ryan Wolfe Jonathan Togo
Det Frank Tripp Rex Linn
Natalia Boa Vista Eva La Rue
Walter Simmons Omar Miller
Recurring Cast
Tom Loman Christian Clemenson
Dave Benton Wes Ramsey
Anna Kitson Mini Anden
Rebecca Nevins Christina Chang

Directed by Rob Zombie
Written by Barry O'Brien



Group shot of the main cast and guests

My Summary

    Some satanic band plays at a party and wear EWS masks. Guys have drinks and ladies wear masks. The men are not wearing masks, which they say is not fine. One says go have one he'll always find you. In an empty room Nosferatu 1922 is playing on a big screen. Coop sees a girl who needs a spanking. Upstairs the girls are wasted. A man in a white mask thinks it's Tony. It's not. He kills the girl through the neck while her friend is covered in blood and Nosferatu watches. He takes her by the screen and assaults her as the image repeats. The girl runs for it and he kicks the door open. The band plays on. The girls are laying side by side, but one is dead.The owner says he knows what you did and everything will be OK. He says he notices him, remembers him from LA. He killed his wife in LA. I didn't kill her, I was acquitted of all charges. I noticed the ink on your fingers. Very good. I sign a lot of documents it'll be fine. Horatio says I know who you are and what you did in LA. You are making baseless accusations, I was acquitted of my wife's death and nothing to do that this. You are a pornographer Enright, Adult entertainer, films' over. Roll credits Mr. Enright, that's a wrap.
        Music plays as outside shots are shown. Inside they are bagging the bodies. There are weird things. CHI finds a listening device in the lamp and shows it to Kelly, they heard the murder. A girl cries, Leslie started in Tony's films. I saw you testify for one of Jessica Cardoza's friends. He's not my friend. Caruso does samples from Enright's fingers. Coop Dally tries to get in. Cardoza comes over and says it's the man who killed everyone he's with. Tony says he's a bad cop who frames everyone. Anna says she drank wine and flips out when Cardoza comes over. They checked her wine glass and it has roofies. She wants him charged. At the hospital Leslie wasn't refused. The murder weapon was a pen. Madsen's fingerprints were found on them. He says it's all about prints on a pen. He says you don't recognize me. I played with the Dolphins with they were the Dolphins. I signed 2 dozens autographs that night, I know how is works I'm done.
    They check the bug and wear it leads too. Right to the parking lot. Something is messed up. Kelly goes out and it's Cardoza's car. He went to a party 8 days ago and put a bug. He was in LA and couldn't get a guilty plea and threw it out. He's a bad cop, that's why he came out here. Now more tainted evidence in a murder. She will throw it all out. Horatio will have to clear him then. He goes out to LA. He gets a partner whose job is to shadow him to LA. Lt. Caine meets a senator when a helicopter lands. Cardoza was the lead on a case when Enright killed his wife and he got ride of evidence. They need to see the file.
    LAPD Det Jesse Cardoza is testifying is on the tape news tape with a ticker on the bottom and Life Enright Murder Trail on the top. Enright walked with blood on his clothes and his car from the dead wife. Homicide found a cufflink from another person on the scene. They photographed it AT, but it never showed up in evidence it went missing. They play the tape the trial. Vogel - you took the picture, can you read the initial on the cufflink. It's AT. It's not my client's initials. There is blood on it. Can you say it matched my clients blood? I don't know. What was that, I'm deaf in this ear? Veronica Enright could've ripped off this during a struggle. Where is it? I don't know. You don't know? I lost it. Is it at your house. No. Where is it? I don't know.
    A doctor talks to the girl protecting Cardoza, his girlfriend. She knows she's in a bad relationship. She used to be in one and protected him. Almost destroyed her career. Here's my card if you want to talk.
    Horatio calls Cardoza about the cufflink, he never found where it came from. Now they can do a search for them. It came from the West Side. The list from the week is Derrick Vogel, his lawyer. Derrick is at his office. He asks what's she wearing and kissing. They say to get off the phone. He charges $2000, but you are in luck. I am in the business if getting people acquitted. Thank you. I'm good at finding holes in the case. The Enright case we have proof. You plant evidence at crime scenes to get your people off. They have a list with his name on it. He says it's fake. They says his credit card is on it. Horatio says you plant any evidence and he will personally march him to prison. I bet you will. I've been contemplating retiring anyway.
    They want to sign Enright. Coop has the excuse of signing autographs. They are drying to break it down. It has sheep skin on it. Coop was using a condom on the girls. They go to him,  the print on the murder weapon matches. You murdered Anne, raped Leslie and that was it. You really think you are going to bust me in a lambskin condom? Hey genius no one said lambskin. Enright said he promised me he because we he a good year, but she wasn't into it. I didn't roofies anyone pint size that was Enright. At the party he shows them giving the girls roofies. You had a good year. Enright says you left me here an hour with crappy coffee. No phone. He says one word Cardoza - his listening car will get thrown out.
    Horatio, funds out a girl with the same press pass took pictures at each crime scene. He calls the Captain about clean police work. We are about to find if you are crooked cop. Miss Burch is taking pictures of Billy Gibbons from ZZ top playing guitar. He asked if everything is groovy and want more pictures. Horatio shows up with Eric Delco & wants a word. They have a picture of the Tony Enright case. She worked then as freelance. 2 hours in the sun, 3 hours of film, noting. What are you hoping to find? The runs the scans into digital. She turns over all the negatives to them. Cat Sutter is placing the cufflinks.
    Caine meets the Capt at the Hollywood Bowl. Eagles - Life of Illusion plays. The Beatles played on this stage. Capt says he knows, he was there. He has the photo. You let Cardoza take the fall. We knew that Enright killed her dead to rights. Cardoza was new, I thought it was a slap on the wrist desk job. Didn't work out like that. He took it and hid it. He didn't know Cardoza took it too. Enright killed his wife. I live with it every day. I carry it next to my heart every day. You know what to do. Leslie gets Enright put away and it all goes back for him. He attacks her through the glass, but can't get her. She leaves a note for Cardoza.
    The Capt has a press conference for Cardoza. He says the new evidence has cleared him. He's a good cop. A reporter asks how they will clear his name. They don't know, but it has been.
    Caine meets Vogel on the way out of Miami. He's getting in a car - well that door isn't going to open itself, thank you Lt! Tony Enright is never going to see the inside of a prison cell. Don't be so sure Mr. Vogel. Actually I'm dead sure. I want you out of Miami. Vogel says come to wish me off? He tells him if you are ever in the Emirates, DON'T bother to call. Don't worry, I'll get the door. He waves goodbye to Caine. Cardoza comes over to Caine and says thank you. You would've done the same for me Jesse. He looks around like he might not.

My Review

    I'll admit it, I've never watched the show before, or the serious  spinoffs from everywhere around the county. I don't like The Who either, so that's a big minus with me there. I always liked Caruso as an actor and in the mid 90s though he was going to be the next Harrison Ford with films like Jade and Kiss of Death. He had a good everyman presence. Of course at the time the media was slaying him for ruining his career by leaving NYPD Blue to go to movies, but since I didn't watch that show either it so did bother me. Then he did a bunch of movies that didn't do much and went back to TV and the press was saying what a miracle it was he was he was back on a big show.
    This was a different role for Malcolm. Of course we expect him to be the big bad guy, but he really wasn't all bad. Coops is the real bag guy here. With Entourage we see him as a lawyer running a company, but this time we get to see him in action. It sounds closer to this new role he's playing in the upcoming Franklin and Bash. Caine seems to push him around, like he's got something on him, but he really doesn't. It was the captain who was manipulating evidence and was caught doing so. I thought it they were going for the ironic by working giving Vogel the case against he captain. The would've been something and we couldn't seen him in actually go to work, It was a bit annoying how to captain was caught and admitted by hiding evidence in one scene. They try to say that Vogel personally used his own credit card to but eh cufflinks and plant them. I can't possibly believe he would be so stupid as to leave such an obvious paper trail. How simple would it be to have an intern or anyone else by the cufflinks. That was way too obvious, especially when he's supposed to to be a $2000. Someone commanding a huge salary I refuse to accept world be so sloppy, he would easily have a subordinate take the fall. Then again we don't know if the whole cufflink angle was faked. Caine just jumped on it and Vogel didn't deny it. It was a great little scene that was a perfect reenactment of Court TV style broadcast showing Malcolm in court with a hard hitting line of defense and he does it so we him pounding Cordoza with question after. They want us to think he was involved in the crime as before it happened, he would've had to buy the cufflinks and held onto them just in case they were needed and he holds onto him. Is Coop that out of control that he has a lawyer on call with fake evidence 24/7? Maybe that's why he gets $2000 an hour. we last see Malcolm and it seems like he's leaving town, he would be gone forever and not just be making leaving the state, the country, the hemisphere! Halfway across the earth. Seems like he's going to never eturn. I thin he really got a bad deal and could've been working with the captain at worst and he gets to keep his cushy job with no penalties. Then again Malcolm seems to be getting a good deal too...he did a good job though, I liked him here, though he did a good job.
    It goes without saying I won't be watching the show again, of course if they get Malcolm back I'll watch it again, but it's a long shot. I really don't like shows like this, because you know the killer wont' be found in the end. If the person who did it 5 minutes in there would be no show. The show it's like he did it, he did it, he did it until they run out of time.  

ating 2/10

Together Before

2007 - Malcolm, William Forsythe, Kristina Klebe and Rob Zombie worked on Halloween.
2009 - Malcolm and Rob Zombie worked on Halloween II.

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