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On November 29, 1993 Malcolm made his first appearance on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show to promote Bopha!, but he didn't even mention it. Instead he only talked about ACO and Caligula for 2 full segments equaling 14 minutes. This was a big deal for Conan as he'd only been on the air a little more than 2 months. Malcolm seems like he's in a bad mood.


Malcolm first faces the audience before sitting


Conan: He's known for playing creepy guys like Caligula and Alex in the cult classic A Clockwork Orange. Please welcome Mr. Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm comes out to the band playing Singin' in the Rain.

Conan: Thank you very much for coming.

Malcolm: My pleasure, a little Singin' in the Rain there.

C: Yes, yes...actually that was played in...a...

M: Clockwork Orange, yes.

C: Clockwork Orange, that's right. Did you get in trouble...

M: Of course you are too young to have seen that movie.

C: No, no. I saw it at the mall...with all my other 13 year old friends. (Note: Conan was born in 1963, so he would've been 13 in 1976, so he was probably joking, not to many theaters in the malls then anyway) Did you get in trouble for using that? You used Singin' in the Rain in a very strange...

M: No. You can get anything in America if you pay for it.

C: Ah...because in A Clockwork Orange it's used in very disturbing scenes. I thought maybe Gene Kelly would flip out. But he quieted down when they gave him a satchel of money?

M: I don't think that Gene Kelly wrote the song (Note: it was written in 1929 by Nacio Herb Brown) so he didn't get it. I don't think that Gene Kelly was too thrilled that I was raping a lady and beating up her husband while singing Singin' in the Rain. But the truth is...

C: He didn't go to the theater and go, 'There's my song! Wow! Cool!'

M: Yeah really, what a neat and new way of looking at the song you know. The fact is it was an homage to him because in that scene I'm supposed to be euphoric, so when I rehearsed it I started to sing.

C: You improvised that?

M: Yeah, yeah.

C: Your character Alex is a dangerous delinquent.

M: Yes, he's a hoodlum.

C: He travels with a gang.

M: He does have one redeeming feature, he loves Beethoven.

C: I thought it was that he wore a bowler.

M: Well, that's another redeeming feature. That's just to say he's English.

C: This is a very disturbing movie. It came out...when did it come out, in 71?

M: Yeah.


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