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Michael Tarn
Malcolm holding the Figures in a Landscape DVD

Malcolm talking to Sonia

Malcolm giving the thumbs up

Malcolm during the professional photo shoot

Malcolm during photo shoot close up

Malcolm at the table

Malcolm sitting close up

Malcolm reverse large scan

Malcolm reaching for his glasses


I know the area well because I only work two minutes away, however I'd never actually been inside the G-Mex before. It's nice when you can just jump on your local bus and go to an event like this. I didn't want to be just another face turning up with ACO. So I decided to bring my Figures in a Landscape DVD since it's something he probably doesn't see too often. When I got there he was sitting next to Michael Tarn, Pete from ACO. I'm next in line and despite feeling quite relaxed initially, my stomach starts to do all kinds of crazy things. He asks the guy in front if he gets down to Old Trafford much to watch Manchester United, to which he replies yes and asks Malcolm if he goes, to which he explains he's a Liverpool fan (I knew that). It's my turn and, somewhat cocky, I say, 'Alright Malcolm, I bet you haven't signed many of these today'. He stares at it for what seems an eternity before asking, 'Where the hell did you get this?'. I explained I got it off the internet, he's like, 'I've never even seen this before', at which point Michael Tarn leans in and says he's never seen a copy. He was completely taken aback. I expected a reaction, but not this. I told him I think it's a good film, well shot and very underrated. Things got really interesting when he asked if I'd sell it to him. 'Sorry, what?', 'How much do you want for this?', 'Seriously?', 'Yes'. What do you do, except smile and say, 'I couldn't possibly sell it'. There was a look of genuine disappointment on his face. He said my name correctly after reading the sheet I'd brought and duly signed it. He asked again where I got it, posed for a photograph, and that was that. 'Nice one, cheers'. My wife was like, 'Ah, now I know why you brought that'. Karac

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